How I Survived My First Boyzilian at Strip!


I found myself sweating in spite of the cold temperature as Krissy went to work on my sensitive area, quickly applying the cloth then letting it rip. Yes, you can literally hear the rip as your Waxpert goes to work. Krissy was kind enough to warn me, and put a few seconds interval between each “hit.” Based on my experience, the top part hurt the most, and I lay there, asking God what I did wrong to deserve such torture. Could this be my penitence for the Holy Week?


But one gets used to it. There were times when I was on the verge of tears, but the way movies portray it is exaggerated. The pain is terrible, but it subsides after a few seconds. The process takes 30 minutes for first-timers (and 15 for regular masochists), so it’s over by the time you question your existence and wonder if your most precious body part is still attached. I swear, there were times when I seriously wondered if every inch of me was still intact.



Me and my Waxpert Krissy


To me, the most striking thing was how Krissy seemed so casual about it, maneuvering my manhood and waxing my area in the most professional manner, all the while discussing the benefits of waxing versus shaving (waxing is cleaner, hair growth is slower, and chances of ingrown hair is lower). It was off-putting but I felt safe. All Strip “Waxperts” follow international standards and are trained by world-class waxing experts. In fact, Krissy just came back from Singapore. The self-assurance Krissy showed was commendable, and there’s no one else I would recommend.


By the time she finished with my front, Krissy joked that I deserve a certificate for surviving my first Boyzilian. I thought it was a good idea. Krissy asked me to turn over, and went to work on my behind. I gladly discovered that the pain is less substantial, and I had time to observe the carrot I was holding. It boasted of upsizing you in 30 minutes. This carrot better be true.


Krissy then announced it was over, and she left me to put my clothes back on. I remember just lying there, feeling violated and clutching what was left of my pride. After drying my tears, I gathered enough courage and stood, dreading to face the mirror conveniently placed on the wall. I expected to see open wounds, dried blood, and strips of my dignity hanging limp. Instead, I found a well-groomed and neat genital area. And oh, I did upsize.



 Because of public decency, I cannot post a before and after picture of my genitalia. So for illustration purposes, here is a visual representation of what it looked like before and after, in images that are universal… and child- and lunch-friendly 


Strip offers the full spectrum of waxing from face to foot. An aftercare guide is provided for each customer, and a selection of Malin + Goetz products are available for optimum care. To maintain the treatment, customers should come back after four to six weeks. They have another branch in Serendra. So when in Manila and you want to experience a legit Boyzilian with world-class service, there’s no other place to go to but Strip: Ministry of Waxing!



 Strip: Ministry of Waxing!

Address | 2nd Floor Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig / 4th Floor Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati

Contact Numbers | +632 901 0892 (Serendra) / +632 3997 (Greenbelt 5)

Hours | Sun-Thurs 11AM-9PM / Fri and Sat 11AM-10PM




How I Survived My First Boyzilian at Strip!