Top 20 Hottest Female Club DJs in Manila

Top 10 Hottest Female Club DJs in Manila

10. Janice Dizon

Resident DJ of Prime Upscale Club in Tomas Morato, crazy-hot Janice Dizon makes us want to come to the northern side of the metro more often! Even when you feel like you just want to stay in on a Friday night, this Playboy model and her come-hither smile is the only reason for you to get up on your lazy bum and party all night long.

janice dizon

Janice Dizon 3


9. Katrina Razon aka DJ Katsu

From a high-profile family, Katrina shows she can definitely step into the limelight on her own as the awesome DJ Katsu, and has played in the likes of Boston and New York. Not to mention, she can totally rock a blazer-pumps combo with those killer legs.

Katrina Razon

Katrina Razon


8. Ashley Rivera

Like it or not, even as the carabao English-speaking Petra Mahalimuyak, Viva talent Ashley Rivera is sexy as hell. Have you seen her videos of her pole dancing? Besides her many talents, she now DJs with the group Beat Project Manila. This girl is all over the place, and we don’t mind seeing her everywhere we go.

Ashley Rivera

Ashley Rivera 3


7. Mia Ayesa

The former Zombette and now sometime-solo act Mia Ayesa proves that she can stand her own ground, and now plays with the awesome Those Damn Nerds, whose name is pretty much self-explanatory, bringing high-octane music performances and mixing them with out-of-this-world visual effects. Then again, speaking of visual effects, one look at Mia is really all you need to send you into ecstasy.

Mia Ayesa

Mia Ayesa


6. Christina Marie Badkiss

There’s no sweet nothings for Ms. Badkiss. As an international DJ, her awesome look is just as edgy as her music, who clearly know what she wants to play and will turn down “a dumb song”. It’s her fierce talent that gets her really cool gigs such as being a regular at the Malasimbo Festival. We would totally love to see her come back to Manila more often to play more of her sweet beats.

Christina Badkiss

Christina Badkiss


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