Top 20 Hottest Female Club DJs in Manila

Top 15 Hottest Female Club DJs in Manila

15. Jennifer Lee

Talk about an even hotter transition! This former Viva Hot Babe really knows how to keep all eyes on her, whether it’s on screen or on the deck. We’re just glad we won’t have to miss out on her charms so much on TV. Even better– we get to see her live!!

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee 3


14. Cammy V

Like a lot of music producers, Cammy V has always been into music, with a background as a singer. Now, she regularly spins at clubs such as Time in Makati, and in Hyve. If her looks can kill, so can her music. Just look at those sultry eyes.

Cammy V

Cammy V 3


13. Divine Smith

This former PBB housemate and now bad-ass DJ is totally her own person. She’s tough, confident, and unapologetic, which is exactly why we love her. No one else can pull off edgy and make it look as sexy as she does.

Divine Smith

Divine Smith 1


12. Khai Lim

This sexy DJ used to turn heads when she was part of the now-defunct girl group Kitty Girls. Fast forward some years later and she’s making them bob, jumping up and down at her gigs. Khai Lim is all over the place, jumping from club to club, and fully booked at various festivals. We can’t get enough of her modelesque features, sun-kissed skin, and that innocent-meets-sexy gaze.

Khai Lim

Khai Lim 3


11. Katsy Lee

When it comes to music, Katsy Lee means business, and that’s what we love about her. After becoming the youngest and first female DJ to win the 2012 Pioneer Philippines DJ Battle and placing 4th in the Asia-Pacific competition, it’s clear to see how she quickly rose to the top after then. Even with that much talent, she’s still adorable as hell, with her chinita eyes and million-dollar smile.

Katsy Lee

Katsy Lee 3


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