Top 20 Hottest Female Club DJs in Manila

Top 5 Hottest Club Female DJs in Manila

5. Jessica Milner

If Manila were a stereotypical high school, Jessica Milner would be the cool girl everyone wanted to hang out with, and boys stumbling over themselves trying to score one date with her. There’s just something so effortlessly awesome about Jessica, kicking it in her sneakers and looking so beautiful while busting out the coolest beats. She’s hot and fun with killer style, and that’s why we can’t take our eyes off her.

Jessica Milner

Jessica Milner 3


4. Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith aka The Zombettes

Two of the hottest models in the country teaming up to form a showstopping spinning duo? Sounds like the perfect formula for a totally hot DJ tandem, and it’s no wonder that Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith dominate the night scene as the first all-female DJ group. Known together as the Zombettes, these babes prove that they’re more than just eye candy with their awesome style, delivering edgy tracks that their fans love. Catch them regularly at hotspots like Imperial Ice Bar and Black Market.


Zombettes 3


3. Nina Saputil

Nina Saputil was once dubbed as “The Metro’s Hottest Female DJ”. And is it really hard to see why? Party goers all over the country flock to wherever her next gig is, just to see this hot DJ do her thing behind the booth. Nina is seen performing regularly in the most happening clubs in Manila, and is a staple in the hottest festivals around the country. She’s also performed on TV in Eat Bulaga. It’s clear as day: everyone wants a piece of this spinning hottie.

Nina Saputil

Nina Saputil 3


2. Patty Tiu and Kat De Jesus of Deuce Manila

It’s double the trouble with these fierce ladies, Patty Tiu and Kat De Jesus, the lovely duo hitting the scene as “Deuce Manila” at number 2. As one of the hottest DJ acts in the Metro, it’s never a happening party without these two beauties spinning on the deck. Their claim to fame includes playing alongside international acts such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki,  Darude, Icona Pop, as well as local icons such as Rico Blanco, Marc Abaya, and many more. Deuce has also recently launched a reboot with Patty Tiu taking the lead, but we’ll always have the Patty-Kat pair in our hearts.

Deuce Manila

Deuce Manila 3


1. Arra Pascual

As Pioneer DJ’s Official Brand Ambassador, Arra Pascual is one awesome chick, with quite the resume. She has jetsetted all over Asia, bringing her talents to the hottest clubs in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and in premier clubs in the UAE such as the Armani/Prive in Burj Khalifa and at Warehouse by Le Meridien, Dubai. This super-sexy DJ has also been featured as Girlfriend of the Month in FHM, and has been on the cover of Playboy Magazine. With those alluring eyes, come hither pout and killer legs, say no more!

Arra Pascual Hottest DJs in Manila

Arra Pascual 3



Top 20 Hottest Club DJs in Manila

And there you have it, the 20 hottest club DJs in Manila that are sure to sizzle up your night outs even more!

Who’s your favorite DJ on this list? Did we miss out on anyone? Let us know in the comments below who your Top 3 hottest female club DJs in Manila are!