“Hot Pulubi” in Ortigas Goes Viral!

When In Manila, we know we’ve posted so many “hot” sightings– you have hot professors, hot doctors, hot vendors among so, so many other #pogialerts around Manila and the country…. but this has got to be the most interesting one yet.

A hot “beggar”?!

Apparently so, according to TV5 host Shawn Yao!!

Poging Pulubi

The host posted a photo of this guy she saw roaming around Ortigas, with the following caption:

Let me present to you the cutest beggar I’ve ever seen in Manila. Obviously, he isn’t really a beggar. Obviously, he is not mentally stable (but just as obviously harmless). He always showers in the Ortigas Park waterfall, begs for yosi (in accented English), and digs through trash bins. He wears no shoes and artfully ripped clothes. I thought it was a social experiment or Wow Mali at first. I always wonder what happened to him. Rumor is, it was a broken heart. Yep kids, broken hearts can drive perfectly cute guys mad.

If he did go wayward because of a broken heart, I’m pretty sure girls will be lining up to repair his heart!

One of our editors’ friends also had a personal encounter with this guy, who says that while he asks for money, he doesn’t accept coins and will only accept bills no lower than 50 pesos! He also apparently approaches smokers to ask if he can “bum a cigarette”.

Just who is this guy?

Have you ever encountered this hot “beggar”? Has anyone tried helping?


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