#PogiAlert: This Cute Prof Will Make You Want To Go Back To School

When in Manila,  we’ve had our share of cute boys going viral. Many “gwapo” sightings have made rounds in the internet so much so that the latest viral #PogiAlert turned out to be a publicity stunt for Filipino boy band 1:43.

It all started started with Pietro Boselli, the beautiful hunk of a man who was a successful male model and a math professor with a PhD. Remember him?


Well, cyber space has been buzzing with who could be his local counterpart. Meet Marjay Igpuara, a professor at Bulacan State University.


As of posting, photos of him shared by “Bulacan State University Sarmiento Campus Stolen Shots” Facebook page has garnered almost 2,000 more shares and almost 3,000 likes with some women expressing their desire to transfer to Bulacan State University.




A quick google search reveals tidbits of information about the good (looking) professor: he was an accountancy graduate at UE and was at some point a New Era University law student. It is said that he currently teaches at Bulacan State University to the delight of students and co-teachers alike. Old fan pages dedicated to him also reveal that he has always been well liked because of his charming looks.



I don’t know about you but I certainly would’t mind paying attention to that face in class. What do you think?



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