Hong Kong Disneyland’s Newest Attractions Will Make Your Heart Happy

Whether it’s your first time at Hong Kong Disneyland or your third or even your tenth, the beauty of the place is that there is always something new to look forward to. Hong Kong Disneyland understands completely that they have to keep the magic alive by constantly providing new things to excite the hearts of the children and the children-at-heart.

I recently visited Hong Kong Disneyland to check out their newest attractions and promos, which HKDL rolled out for their 10th anniversary and I am telling you: they are well worth re-visiting the happiest place on Earth. Here are some sneak peeks of new things that you can expect from the place:


Hong Kong Disneyland: New Attractions


The Mickey and the Wondrous Book Musical

There’s a brand new musical that you simply should not miss when at Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s called “Mickey and the Wondrous Book” and will take you through seven beloved Disney stories in an interactive and unique way. There is no other way to describe it, but ‘unbelievable’.
hong kong disneyland

Aside from getting you to sing along to old classics and newer songs, the effects of the entire show will amaze you like never before – I guarantee it! In fact, I loved the show so much, I’m going to write a separate article on it. Watch out for it soon!
hong kong disneyland

Of course, the piece de resistance of the show was none other but Queen Elsa!

New Castle Projections for Disney in the Stars

People always told me that their favorite part about Hong Kong Disneyland was the “Disney in the Stars” fireworks. Well, HKDL has improved even that and made it more awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching as ever. I was so moved by the beautifully choreographed video projection and fireworks that set the Sleeping Beauty Castle aglow from street to sky, I ended up with a few tears in my eyes. I blame my childhood memories mixed with the beauty of it all for that.

hong kong disneyland castle projection

The newest Disney characters to debut on the castle projection include Sadness from Inside Out, Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo, and Baymax from Big Hero Six. Love love love! Here’s a snippet of what you can expect, but take it from me: no picture or video will ever do the actual show justice.

New Characters to Meet and Hug

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to bump into any of the new characters roaming around Hong Kong Disneyland, I was able to spot Prince Ali Ababwa and Jasmine, as well as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

hong kong disneyland characters

However, the ones you should truly look out for are Lotso who, although he’s a villain, must be huggable as all hell. He has been greeting guests at Toy Story Land since November 17 and, starting on December 17, Star Wars Stormtroopers will be roaming the park, as well. Other characters that will be coming to HKDL next Spring include Baymax (yes, it’s true!) and Princess Sofia the First. Baymax himself is well worth another visit in my opinion!

10th Storybook Photo Spot

To commemorate HKDL’s 10th anniversary, there is a 10th Storybook Photo Spot in front of the Cinderella Carousel for the perfect photo op with your loved ones.

hong kong disneyland 10th anniversary photo spot

Cute 10th Anniversary Merchandise

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a souvenir for yourself or something cute to take home to loved ones, the 10th anniversary HKDL collection is so cute, you’ll be tempted to take home everything. With almost 220 merchandise items to choose from, you won’t run out of choices whatsoever.
hong kong disneyland 10th anniversary merchandise

Naturally, my favorite items are from the “Grand Celebration” assortment, though. In this collection, you will find Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay and many more beloved characters dressed in special festive costumes to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Look at how cute they are all dressed up:hong kong disneyland 10th anniversary merchandise

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