Home Decor That Can Keep You Safe and Healthy? Yes, Please!

Home Decor That Can Keep You Safe and Healthy? Yes, Please!


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When you think of home decor, you think its only purpose is to make a room pretty. The last thing to come to mind is that something decorative can help keep you healthy. But that’s the case with AICA Cerarl’s wall panels.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they also use green technology, which is the first of its kind.

This Japanese label has supplied and installed high-pressure laminated wall panels in Japan for over 33 years. In Japan, they are used in the Tokyo Tower, all train stations, and all UNIQLO branches.


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AICA wall panels are perfect to add personality to any home


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Wall panels are also great for bathrooms


The wall panels come in four stylish categories  with even more variations: marble and granite, wood grain, ceramic and glass, and metal. The panels are made using cold-pressed resin and glass fiber, and green concepts to lessen its effects on the environment. It has even been certified by award-giving bodies in Japan and Singapore.

But how can wall panels keep you safe and healthy?

AICA Cerarl’s wall panels are non-combustible, anti-microbial, sustainable, and made with green construction materials. Pretty and environmental? Sign us up!

AICA Cerarl’s wall panels have no chemical emission, no radiation risk, and no harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, which means it can keep your home safe. It also does not have asbestos, which is found to damage lungs and even contribute to cancer, and Radon gas, a gas present in granite that is the second leading cause of lung cancer.


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The wall panels are easy and takes little time to install


The wall panels are also extremely thin, coming in at 3mm. Because of its light weight, it is easy to transport and install. In fact, you can even install the wall panels yourself and save costs. All you need is a carpenter who can measure and cut so it meets your room’s size. To install, AICA Cerarl has its own adhesive, which also follows the green concept.

Despite being the world’s thinnest non-combustible wall panels, they are surprisingly strong. AICA Cerarl’s wall panels are resistant to termite attacks, cracks and chips, and even changes to the panel due to heat and cold. Its hardness and scratch-resistant properties have also been certified. If you install these wall panels, they’re going to last longer. It’s even easy to clean.


AICA Cerarl wall panels


Of course, besides being environmentally friendly, the designs are gorgeous. There are almost 100 patterns to choose from, depending on your taste. AICA Cerarl’s wall panels can be used in hotels, hospitals, and museums, but can also be placed in homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

With these wall panels, you can make your home look even more beautiful, with long-term effects on your family’s health and the environment. Who would have thought it was possible?

AICA Cerarl is exclusively distributed by Verdantwaly Industrial Corporation, whose goal is to create a safe, sustainable and green environment for all. To see samples, visit them at booth 630 at Philconstruct, the country’s number one construction show. Philconstruct will be held from November 5-8 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia.


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Home Decor That Can Keep You Safe and Healthy? Yes, Please!