Holiday Inn Clark: Best Place to Stay Near Manila for Families and Business Travelers

Holiday Inn Clark: Best Place to Stay Near Manila for Families and Business Travelers 


WhenInManila, a pile of work is no more than an excuse not to take a break because there are many ways to synchronize it with leisure. One of the ways in doing this is by booking a good hotel where you can work and  have some rest.

One of the hotel brands in the country that has been around for many years is the Holiday Inn. I have experienced their services in the past and my most recent stay was at Holiday Inn in Clark, Pampanga. I have to say: it was just as awesome as my previous visits.



Holiday Inn Clark


Holiday Inn  Clark is perfect for business travelers as it is near the city – a mere two-hour drive away from Manila. It is located at the Clark Freeport Zone and just around 5-10 minutes away from the Clark International Airport. 

Fresh linens and signature soft and firm pillows gave me real comfort for a good night’s sleep every night. Waking up to this kind of comfort magically transformed me and made me feel more refreshed and energized after work and a few other activities. 



Holiday Inn’s Double Bed Deluxe Room



Firm pillows



My weekend hotel stay gave me a boost despite the work that I carried with me. My little bedside work space was perfect as it put work and sleep near each other, yet still gave me the comfort that I needed to be as productive as possible.




When on vacation, you might as well indulge in the vast array of food at their restaurants in front of you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Mequeni and Rodizio Rooftop GrillI definitely enjoyed the food at Holiday Inn Clark. Once you have tasted their food, you will be able to tell right away that they used prime ingredients. After all, they always make sure that the taste, despite the many selections, is not compromised. Their staff is also friendly and nice enough to attend to your needs as you dine in.



Plenty of selection of dishes 



My kind of breakfast. 



Cutest pancake ever! It was handed to me by one of the staff when I was trying to decide what to eat for breakfast! Morning Happiness!



This grilled Liempo in Mequeni was just the best!

Mequeni (a Kapampangan word meaning “come in”), is serving Kapampangan/Filipino, Mexican, and Japanese dishes (it varies every day) and wide array of desserts! They offer a breakfast and lunch buffet here.



Churrasco sausage, beef and pork in Rodizio



Churrasco Beef 



Rodizio Rooftop Grill is a churrascaria offering oh-so-good grilled baby back ribs and sausages for their dinner buffet. The food and the rustic set up of the table was a marvel to cap off the day.


Holiday Inn Clark  is also the perfect place for families to hang out in during the weekend because of its amenities and nearby places, like the nearest zoo, Zoocobia, and Nayong Pilipino, where you can get a glimpse of history and culture in one.





Animals that you can see in Zoocobia



Nayong Pilipino Clark




One of the raditional wear of our ancestors in Mindanao that was beautifully and intricately made which can be seen in Nayong Pilipino Clark


My stay at Holiday Inn Clark was indeed very enjoyable and I will definitely go back again (and again!).

It is really important to find hotel accommodations that will actually suit your needs whether you are on a business trip or on vacation with your loved ones. 

When finding a good place to stay, you will definitely not go wrong with any of Holiday Inn’s three branches: Clark, Galleria, or Makati.





Mimosa Leisure Estate, Mimosa Drive, Pampanga Clark


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Holiday Inn Clark: Best Place to Stay Near Manila for Families and Business Travelers


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