High School Musical Plot Twist: Is Sharpay Evans The Victim?

Raise your hands if you loved the High School Musical series.

Well, I’m pretty sure most of you guys watched all three movies, plus the concert. I mean, come on, it’s High School Musical. It’s pretty much our childhood and the foundation of our high school flings and relationships.

High School Musical

We were all there when Gabriella and Troy sang together for the first time and when they broke up until that time they were leaving for college. We cheered for the Wild Cats on their big game and we pretty much had a love-hate relationship with the Evans siblings, Sharpay and Ryan.

But hey, have you ever stopped to wonder whether Sharpay was the real victim in the story?

Sharpay Evans

Well, this unpopular opinion is surprisingly and slowly becoming a shared truth among some netizens. The whole thing started when an account named Karim (@sharpaysavictim) shared a whole thread explaining why Sharpay Evans was the real victim of High School Musical.

Read the first few posts below.

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