Here’s Why You Should Try Las Tres Marias Pasta Deliciosa’s Carbonara and Lasagna

Words by Cathlyn Mae Botor

Photos by Matthew Gan

Heads up, pasta lovers! Las Tres Marias Pasta Deliciosa now serves two of its best-seller pasta dishes, carbonara and lasagna right at your doorstep! If you’re craving for the creamy and cheesy goodness of these two pasta dishes, Las Tres Marias has got you covered! Here are three reasons you need to check out their carbonara and lasagna ASAP!

1. Las Tres Marias’ Carbonara has complementary flavors of salt, cheese, and cream in one flavorful dish.

Carbonara // Pequeño 4-5 pax (Php 449); Mediano 6-8 pax (Php 649); Grande 10-12 pax (Php 949); Extra Grande 20 pax (Php 1699) 

Your all-time favorite white pasta dish is made extra special with the sweet and savory taste of bacon and mushrooms. Once you get the feel of it, you’ll know that the secret lies in the creamy white sauce which adds up to its rich and delicate taste.

So, what makes it more special? Well, this Italian pasta dish is bursting with the right amount of sweet-cheesy and salty-creamy taste! It also comes with herbs and spices, adding up to its appetizing aroma.

2. Las Tres Marias’ Lasagna is a taste of heaven, layered with soft and mouth-watering sheets of cheesy and beefy Lasagna pasta.

Lasagna // Pequeño 4-5 pax (Php 499); Mediano 6-8 pax (Php 699); Grande 10-12 pax (Php 999); Extra Grande 20 pax (Php 1699) 

Another famous Italian pasta dish will surely get you hooked with its delectable taste. Las Tres Marias’ Lasagna is topped with melted cheese that best suits your appetite. This classic savory dish is perfectly made with bolognese sauce, which includes lean ground beef added to the thick and rich tomato paste. On top of it all, the authentic aroma of this pasta dish is due to the perfect blend of herbs such as fresh parsley and basil.

3. The distinctive taste of these two pasta menu-toppers is greatly enjoyed with Las Tres Marias’ Garlic bread!

Garlic Bread (Php 6 for a min of 10 pcs)

Complete your pasta cravings with a bite of their crusty slices of Garlic loaf garnished with herbs such as oregano and chives!

For more delicious pasta dishes, check out their appetizing menu! Delivery is free of charge starting January 24 until February 1, 2019, for orders Php 1699 and up! Las Tres Marias Pasta Deliciosa is available in San Juan City, Mandaluyong City, Sta. Mesa, and other Manila areas.

Las Tres Marias

Pasta Deliciosa

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