Here’s what Russell Westbrook did to get free dessert

Russell Westbrook just had a historic and phenomenal season. His superb performance makes him eligible for a hefty contract this summer — one that could go more than $200 million for 5 years.

But that doesn’t mean he’s willing to pass up on free dessert.

In a video posted on his wife’s Instagram account, Westbrook brags about pulling off probably the oldest trick in the book as far as restaurant scams are concerned — lying about his wife’s birthday to get free dessert.

“This is what happens when you come to the restaurant, you’re trying to get a free dessert. You lie, tell ’em it’s your wife’s birthday. Haha, woo! Happy birthday, sugar! You got free dessert babe!”

His wife, Nina, was actually born in the month of January. Hope he made it up by leaving the restaurant a huge tip.


Have you done something like this to get free food?


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