Russell Westbrook thrilled to hear his name in Kendrick Lamar’s new song

Russell Westbrook is usually all business. Whether on or off the court, we rarely see the OKC superstar crack a smile.

But a few days ago, Westbrook was in good spirits when a reporter asked him about Kendrick Lamar’s new song, which has his name in the lyrics.

Westbrook was dropped in the track “The Heart Part 4.” The lyrics say: “Tables turned, lessons learned, my best look / You jumped sides on me, now you ’bout to meet Westbrook.”

The Oklahoma City Thunder star seemed very happy about it since Lamar is one of his favorite rappers to listen to.

“Everytime you hear your name in a song, I feel like I made it,” said Westbrook.

And he probably must’ve loved it because the lyrics also took a shot at his former OKC teammate Kevin Durant.

What do you think? 😀


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