Help Reduce NAIA Air Traffic Congestion by Using Clark Airport Instead

Are you also frustrated with the terrible traffic in Metro Manila and the flight delays and congestion happening at NAIA? One alternative way for you to enjoy flying without the inconvenience of long hour rides to from/to the airport and with less airport delays is to fly via by Clark Airport.

What is causing the flight delays in NAIA anyway?

Ok, let me clear out that I’m no expert at this, but as a super frequent traveler (flying at least 3 times a month), I believe I have heard enough information from airport employees, airline people as well as fellow travelers. You see, NAIA has now become too small to accommodate so many flights. If I remember right, the ideal number of take-offs per hour should only be 30, but NAIA has over 50 I think. NAIA also has only 1 or 2 runways (not sure now, but I heard that the 2nd isn’t even working), so just imagine all the airlines from Terminal 1 to 4 sharing only 1 (or sometimes 2) runways? Think of it like a taxi “pila,” so if the earlier scheduled plane to depart experiences a problem, all other planes have to adjust (domino effect).

I personally believe that one effective way to help solve the air traffic congestion in NAIA is to obviously open new airports so the other planes can take-off in another place instead… like Clark Airport.

Why choose Clark Airport?

◦  Clark airport is more accessible for those coming from Quezon city, Central & Northern Luzon.

If you’re residing in Quezon City, Central or North Luzon, then departing from Clark Airport is best, since you don’t have to drive all the way to Pasay City for at least 2 hrs to get to NAIA. For people living in QC (like me), it only takes around an hour to get to Clark.

◦ Lesser traffic going to the airport

You don’t have to pass by Edsa anymore, and there is way less traffic going to Clark. If you choose Clark, you will less likely experience missing your flight due to failure to reach the airport on time.

◦ Lesser air traffic meaning lesser delays

Since there are fewer airplanes taking-off from the Clark Airport runway, flights are less likely to be delayed. Good news diba?

◦ Fares are cheaper vs flying from MNL

I don’t know if you noticed, but compared from Manila, the airfares offered in Clark are way cheaper. A practical option for travelers who are on a tight budget. =)

AirAsia opens new flight from Clark….

It’s high time to finally use Clark Airport more, and it’s great because airlines like AirAsia are now opening new routes this month and early next year, to cater to the growing demand (to service people from Central and North Luzon) for more flights to destinations like Caticlan (Boracay), Iloilo, Tacloban and Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Here are their scheduled inaugural dates:

Starting Dec 15, 2017: Clark to Caticlan (Boracay) CRK-MPH  

Starting Jan 26, 2018: Clark to Iloilo (CRK-ILO), Clark to Tacloban (CRK-TAC) and Clark to Puerto Princesa, Palawan (CRK-PPS)

For more information and to book the lowest fares from Clark Airport, visit

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