Heirs Sports PH: The Perfect Sports Bag for Millennials

How do you spread out your life in a backpack?

For travel and sports, I used to be bothered by how to separate the clothes that I haven’t worn from my dirty and soiled clothes.

My laptop needed to breathe and I needed to bring it everywhere – that is, until my colleagues from elementary asked me to like their backpack’s Facebook page. I really thought it was just a thesis project, but I wasn’t surprised when they decided to push through with an actual company!

Their design concept nailed the concern of a millennial with a bustling city life: how to pull off ‘stylish meets organized’.

Heirs PH 1

Heirs PH 5

Heirs PH 2

Heirs PH 11

Heirs Sports PH presents the culmination of fashion and function in one bag. Made with water-resistant cordura fabric (with waterproof lining inside), an Heirs Sports PH bag includes the following features: a shoes compartment, a clothing compartment, a laptop compartment, a files compartment and an insulated water bottle compartment. You can’t be more together with it.


Heirs PH 4

Pick your color depending on your personality:

Heirs PH 25

If you’re the go-getter who likes winning at everything, black is the color for you.

Heirs PH 24

Heirs PH 21

Loyal, calm and collected? Navy blue it is!

Heirs PH 23

Heirs PH 20

Intellectual and stoic, and have emotions – but only for the things you love?

Think gray!
Heirs PH 22

Sophisticated type? Go for cream. 🙂

Heirs PH 19

You’re something hot; all bright eyes and passionate red.

Heirs PH 18

Heirs PH 17

Get your Heirs Sports PH bag now for only Php1,999!

Heirs PH 16

Heirs PH 26

Heirs Sports PH

Order here: https://tinyurl.com/HeirsSportsPHOrderForm

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