Healthy Monsters: Delicious Salads in Jars!

 Healthy Monsters: Delicious Salads in Jars!
Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is often challenging because it requires a solid commitment to diet and exercise. In this fast-paced environment that we live in, having healthy food on the go is therefore always a good option.
Healthy Monsters is a healthy food supplier that specializes in scrumptious salads, which are placed inside recyclable jars. These mouth-watering treats are perfect for those who are on diet, yet have no time to prepare their own meals!
Owner Janicka Teves first started the business by sending a few jars to her close friends. From then on, Healthy Monsters expanded into a healthy food supplier that delivers right to your doorstep. Healthy Monsters was named after Janicka’s son, who she considers to be her very own inspiration for being healthy. 
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The menu includes the Asian Salad, Fiesta Salad, Nutty Salad, Chia Salad and Skinny Caesar. To ensure the nutritional value of each salad, Janicka reviews each ingredient by using a calorie count book.
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Asian Salad (PhP190)
The Asian Salad includes Asian dressing, carrots, cabbage, corn, and romaine. The dressing is very rich and goes well with the carrots and corn.
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Nutty Salad (PhP 190)
If you’re an avid fan of nuts, then this salad is for you. The Nutty Salad includes walnuts, almonds, grape tomato, arugula, romaine, and strawberry vinaigrette dressing. The grape tomatoes taste so divine! 
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Skinny Caesar Salad (PhP190)
Fitness enthusiasts will love this Skinny Caesar Salad for sure! This dish gives a unique twist to the usual salads available in the market because it is much more nutritious. The Skinny Caesar Salad includes honey roasted peanuts, grape, tomato, cheese, romaine, and skinny Caesar dressing.
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 Chia Salad (PhP 190)
Simple, sweet and delightful! I adored the simplicity of the Chia Salad, and how it tasted so clean and appetizing. The Chia Salad includes cucumber, singkamas, arugula, grape tomato, romaine, and chia seed dressing. 
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Fiesta Salad (PhP 190)
The Fiesta Salad was my favorite among the rest! It was my first time to try quinoa, and I was amazed by how it worked so well with the cheese and grape tomatoes. The quinoa tastes smooth and spicy; it also serves as the dressing for this salad. The Fiesta Salad includes quinoa, Mexican dressing, cheese, grape tomato, and romaine. 
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Overall, Healthy Monsters is a must-try for all of the busy netizens who want healthy salads delivered to their doorstep. Now, have a hassle-free diet with these on-the go salad jars!
Healthy Monsters offers cash on delivery in the following areas: Makati, The Fort, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig and Quezon City. You can also try their Salad Boot Camp Program (3 Days), which starts at  PhP1,710.  

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Healthy Monsters: Delicious Salads in Jars!


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