Hawk Bag: Your Perfect Backpack With A Style

I remember one guy from the movie The Devil Wears Prada who said: “Why girls have so many bags? They put all their junk and that’s it!” My answer, we girls love having a ton of bags just like men love having a gazillion pairs of rubber shoes. Lol.

Before the summer ends, many of us still plan to go on one last barkada or family getaway. Whether it’s for the beach, out of the country, or just a simple staycation in the city, either way we all need a dependable bag to carry all our things in while not compromising style. But how do you find the perfect bag? Here are the top three things I look for in a backpack.

3. Light to Carry

A very common bag that travelers and students own is a backpack. I want something that is not only light to carry, but also has many pockets where I can organize and keep my travel essentials like clothes, flip flops, mobile phones, and other thing-a-ma-jigs. The best part? This Green Camo Hawk Bag only weighs 600 grams.

hawk bag


2. Large Compartment

What I like about this Green Camo Hawk Bag is that it has a large compartment. 12″ x 19″ x 7″ in size, with a capacity of 26L. Most of all, it’s durable.

Hawk Bag - Military

Hawk Bag - Green Military

1. Affordable Price Tag

Whenever I buy a traveling bag or just an everyday bag, I always consider the price tag. Cost is definitely a factor. I am a mom who needs to budget our monthly expenses, bills, and needs. But this fatigue, black, and tangerine Hawk Bag is only 1,499.75 PHP or 34USD, so it fits right in the bill! I love it.


This Hawk Bag is definitely suitable for any traveler and students, too!

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