Have A Feast at Kanteen and Celebrate Being Filipino Everyday

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Kanteen’s signature dish, which for me is the best version of Singang I’ve ever tried: Evelyn’s Sinigang. Evelyn is the grandmother of the owner who has curated the best recipe for a mean singang that would take you straight home with just one sip. Instead of Sampaloc or Kalamansi, the sourness of the broth comes from Batuan–an ingredient famous in Iloilo. And the surprise ingredient–Watermelon, which highlights the sourness of the broth perfectly. 


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To be honest, after tasting the Sinigang, I was already done and satisfied. Remember to order that on your visit because you’ve never been to Kanteen if you didn’t get a taste of their Sinigang. 

Kanteen also let us try their Sinigang na Salmon–a very clean and refreshing version, and their “graveyard meals” as they are transitioning to serving people who work late. Unlike the traditional way of sharing ulam, these meals are good for one. The Silogs are a famous choice. They have bangus, hubad na chorizo (in-house smoked sausage), and tapa. You can also order one whole fried and fresh bangus to share. 


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Last but not the least, the meal that got us going crazy for Bacolod, the Chicken Inasal. A grilled chicken dish with slathers of tasty chicken oil marinated in salt, pepper, and something else magical. It is best eaten with garlic rice and a few more drizzles of oil and soy sauce paired with kalamansi and chili. And oh, don’t forget your freshly pickled atsara for a meal to remember. 


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Filipino desserts are simple but deadly, just like the the creamy Joshua’s Leche Flan and dirty ice cream. Add a bottle of Brew Kettle as “Panulak” to perfectly cap off the night. 


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Why wait for Independence Day to celebrate being Filipino when you can do it as you sit down and dine at Kanteen? Just add your friends and family, a few stories,  and you’re good to go. 


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GF, Commercenter Building, 4th Avenue Corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Landline: 02-5521057 
Mobile: +639178274264


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