Have A Feast at Kanteen and Celebrate Being Filipino Everyday

When in Manila there’s one thing that is obvious about Filipinos–we love eating. There’s a reason behind those countless top view and close up food shots Pinoys take before eating; they celebrate food more often and deeply than anyone else. Food (aside from Manny Pacquiao’s boxing matches) unites Filipinos everyday. Thus we Filipinos prefer eating in big groups and ordering food to share. 


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With this in mind, restaurants such as Kanteen adapted to the traditional eating habits of Filipinos by serving food to share. And not just that, they have also amped up their menu by offering Filipino dishes right from the favorite “inuman” food/ “pulutan”, Sisig, to the favored dampa-style “ulam”, Buttered Shrimp, and to the most-famous home cooked dish, Sinigang. And yes, they serve unli rice on Mondays. 


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 “Kanteen is a restaurant whose name is as simple and humble as the dishes that it serves–Expect no fuss, no frills—just honest to goodness, affordable Filipino food, home cooked just the way it should be.”


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All their dishes are simple and made from scratch with recipes thought out from the influences of traditional home cooking all the way from Iloilo. 

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We first had a taste of their Kilawin na Mahi Mahi– a  raw fish dish marinated in vinegar and kalamansi (it’s acidity partly cooks the fish) mixed with staple ingredients, onions and tomatoes, topped with salted egg. Then we horked down a plateful of lechon bisaya. A pork belly dish slow roasted and  infused with the meaty flavor Filipinos love. And of course, the staple party dish Lumpiang Shanghai. 


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Then we got introduced to a series of new favourites. First on the list is this grilled Tilapia coated with the famous chicken oil. We never thought it would work but this photos gives no justice at all. It was savory and salty (the good kind) in all the right places.  


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Next would be this bowl of Batchoy, an Ilonggo noodle soup served with pork slices, liver, chicharon, and (optional) raw egg. This is probably the best bowl of Batchoy in BGC. There are no words, you just have to try for yourself to find out.  


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Another is the sinful sizzling Kansi. Imagine Bulalo but instead of swimming in broth it is  swimming in gravy, drizzled with spoonfuls of mushroom. The softness of the beef shanks and mushroom plus the creamy and tasty gravy makes it a must-try dish unlike any. 


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