The Wholesome Table: Giving New Meaning to Healthy Eating and Organic Food


 Never thought food that looked this good could be so healthy.


The Wholesome Table: Giving New Meaning to Healthy Eating and Organic Food

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde is a very passionate woman. You can see it in how fervently she spoke about her newest venture with husband Juan Elizalde, The Wholesome Table – one of the newest offerings at Bonifacio Highstreet Central that has been so well received since opening a little over a month ago. Not to be dismissed as just another photogenic brunch/dinner restaurant (although its interiors are quite lovely), The Wholesome Table was created to heed the call for meals that are healthy and organic to the core while at the same time flavorful and filling, something that most commercial restaurants these days cannot provide.



 A busy weeknight in the new restaurant that’s just a month shy from its opening.



 Absolutely love the chalkboard menu, the white-brick walls and the industrial lighting fixtures!


Conceived with much love and dedication, The Wholesome Table features a selection of your most beloved comfort food in their purest form, and also features some of Bianca’s signature home recipes. Think pastas, pizzas, and a whole lot of meat dishes, all made healthier without sacrificing their flavors. This all-organic restaurant goes by the creed of going “back to basics” and takes it very seriously, applying the principle in the way they prepare and cook the dishes they serve – without cutting corners or taking short cuts.


the-wholesome-table-bgc-organic-food-restaurant-10 The Wholesome Table’s Meatloaf (PHP 580.00) is a best-seller: two thick slices of home-made meatloaf served with organic mashed potatoes and topped with bacon mushroom gravy, lightly seasoned with a strong meaty flavor.



Salmon in Basil Cream Sauce (PHP 380.00): Fresh salmon tossed in organic cherry tomato passato and crème fraiche. You can definitely taste the fresh tomatoes in this one.


Salt is used sparingly, commercial cooking oil is swapped with organic coconut oil for frying, sauces are all made from scratch, and only raw honey is used to sweeten their beverages. As a result, the overall flavors of dishes are devoid of their heavily salty and seasoned quality, and we’re left to fully taste dishes for what they really are – the robust flavor of meats, the deep crunch of kale, the juicy zest of tomatoes, and the tart sweetness of strawberries.


the-wholesome-table-bgc-organic-food-restaurant-14 Imported Cheese Platter, all-organic from Germany (PHP 790.00): Meadow Flower, Mountain Climber, Beer Cheese



 L-R: Kale, Caesar! (PHP 320.00): kale and romaine topped with cherry tomatoes, aged Parmigiano-Reggiano and tossed in home-made Caesar dressing, 

Organic Mushroom Fritters (PHP 320.00): Mozzarella-stuffed button mushrooms wrapped in home-made Italian sausage, breaded, crisp-friend and served with fresh cherry tomato passato


The Wholesome Table uses only fresh and organic ingredients free of any nitrates, preservatives, toxins, and pesticides. The fruits and vegetables used in their dishes are all locally sourced from organic farms from various regions in the country, which on the whole may not look entirely like the spotless, shiny, colors-so-vivid-it-looks-fake kind of produce you’re used to, but actually embody the essence of organic food – flaws and all.



Wholesome Siders (PHP 590.00): Features a sample of all of the restaurant’s sandwiches, best way to get a taste of everything!



 Graze-Land Wood Fired Pizza (PHP 690.00): Tomato sauce, grass-fed beef strips, baked onions, roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella and Grana Padano


You wouldn’t find a trace of anything processed, preserved, or canned here; nothing frozen or pre-packed is used in their dishes. And while the entire idea of running an all-organic restaurant may seem like a “logistic nightmare” as owner Bianca puts it, the end result of delivering wholesome food that fully serves its purpose of nourishing the body is well worth the effort.


the-wholesome-table-bgc-organic-food-restaurant-6 Home-made soda and lemongrass juice, free of any artificial sweeteners and colorings.



 The Wholesome Table also has packed superfoods available in-store.


Aside from their carefully edited range of all-organic comfort food, The Wholesome Table also offers a selection of detox juices and smoothie concoctions, as well as a variety of super foods for sale. A menu of raw dishes is also in the works.


the-wholesome-table-bgc-organic-food-restaurant-3 Their rustic, wood-heavy interiors are absolutely photogenic!



 Sweetened Yogurt (PHP 220.00): Greek yogurt, granola, seasonal fresh fruits and fresh honey.


Overall, The Wholesome Table helps you take that first step towards living a healthier lifestyle. Here you get exactly what you pay for, great-tasting food that nourishes the body, free of toxic and artificial ingredients, or anything that may harm the body. Indeed, food need not be bland or boring to be healthy, when in Manila.




The Wholesome Table


30th St Corner 7th Ave Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig
Open from 11:00am to 10:00pm
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The Wholesome Table: Giving New Meaning to Healthy Eating and Organic Food