Japanese Cuisine : Red Kimono’s Modern-Traditional Dishes




According to general opinion and preference of Filipinos, one of the most sought after food is that of the Japanese Cuisine. When In Manila, one can find a series of Japanese Restaurants; but Red Kimono achieves a higher definition of what an original Japanese restaurant is. Red Kimono offers dishes that borders between the modern and traditional Japanese dishes. The name of the restaurant itself reflects that because “red” symbolizes the new and western aspect of its menu, while “kimono” adheres to the traditional Japanese culture.






Red Kimono remains to be one of the elite Japanese Restaurants here in Manila mainly because their approach to serving Japanese food involves an intricate fusion of what is modern and what is traditionally Japanese. Aside from that, their menu features a spectrum of choices to cater not just the omnivores and meatlovers but also the vegetarians who are under a strict diet.




They started out back in 2005 at Fort Bonifacio’s “The Fort Strip” and now has 8 branches in the Philippines. The newest of which is the Red Kimono located in One Parkade Place Bonifacio Global City, the building just right in front of the strip where it’s first branch was nursed. It has new look, with interiors that are more modern, trendy and creative. Their staff, also has an up to date attire. Finally, to accommodate  the refreshed list of Japanese food choices; is literally, a new menu! Since Social media is such an effective instrument to disseminate information, Red Kimono decided to join the bandwagon. 



Our Japanese Cuisine Experience in Red Kimono started with these two drinks: Watermelon shake and Lemonade. These refreshments are fit for the Philippines’ bipolar weather since Red Kimono only uses the freshest ingredients, these drinks are more than enough to quench your thirst; and are also a great complement to the mouthwatering Japanese dishes ahead.  


Watermelon Shake Php 85 Fresh Lemonade Php 125



For starters, Red Kimono gave us three  teasers: Tuna Sashimi Salad, Japanese Seafood Chowder and Okonomiyaki, also known as the Japanese Pizza. The Salad was made of Fresh tuna– perfectly sliced into cubes, lettuce, Japanese mayo and spices. The chowder, one of Red Kimono‘s best offers, is specifically made for the seafood lover in us. It is a creamy seafood soup with shrimp, squid and crabstick perfectly seasoned for a delightful taste. Okonomiyaki, is a pizza not made of dough but of cabbage latched on on top one another with corn, bacon bits, shrimps, Japanese Mayo and Tonkatsu sauce. It is a surprisingly playful spoonful as the textures and tastes meld in your mouth. 



Tuna Sashimi Salad Php 330



Japanese Seafood Chowder Php 180



Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) Php 160



Did you know that Red Kimono is the pioneer of the maki masterpieces? One of the goals of Red Kimono is to infuse creativity into their dishes for it to reflect passionate Japanese cooking. Traditional maki dishes usually don’t have toppings and crunchy textures, but Red Kimono raised the bar of their maki creations by : making it crusted, infusing mexican flavors  and making it palatable to the Filipino taste. 


The Spicy Salmon Crunch is a roll of rice stuffed with grilled Norwegian salmon and finished off with crispy tempura flakes. The spiciness of the topping is tolerable and the maki manages to give you that soft and crunchy texture all in one.  




Spicy Salmon Crunch 220



A maki with a Mexican descent, the Hot Shot Roll is made for the spicy-food lovers. This particular maki gives you a flood of spicy flavor in every bite and finishes off with a kick of heat in your mouth. It has tuna, jalapeno, cream cheese, avocado and spring onions. 



Hot Shot Roll Php 325




Finally, the Filipino version of a traditional Japanese maki, the Crispy Prawn and Dilis maki. It definitely makes eating Japanese food more fun in the Philippines! It’s maki stuffed with prawns, topped with crispy dilis and sesame seeds. We thought that the Dilis would overpower the maki but Red Kimono accomplishes to balance the saltiness and the sweetness of the dilis topping to the prawn’s gentle taste. The texture also strikes out each other, the prawns are soft but the dilis are crunchy. 



Crispy Prawn Dilis Maki Php 230




Kamameshi is a Japanese rice dish cooked in an rion pot called “kama”, which explains the name “Kamameshi” because it translates to “kettle rice”. In Japanese culture it is meant to be eaten communally. It is rice cooked in seasoned broth, meat and soy sauce; thus making it a great accompaniment to all the other Red Kimono dishes we ate.  



Chicken Kamameshi 200




The next dish features a perfectly seared Salmon, a little toughness on the outside and pink juicy meat inside,  served with tofu salad in ginger sesame dressing. A great fusion of Japanese flavors all in one plate.



Salmon Teriyaki Php 395 




 Another Pinoy dish with Red Kimono‘s Japanese tweak is the Crispy pork wasabi. It’s similar to our Lechon Kawali but the sauce it’s served with is a mixture of wasabi, shoyu and yuzu sauce. 



Crispy Pork Wasabi 315 




This deep fried Chicken Lollipop is a game changer to the typical one because it’s served with spicy Japanese wanton chips!  Its preparation is comparable to that of the tempura but the difference is in the process of marination. Red Kimono‘s Chicken Karaage mixture is a fusion of soy sauce, garlic and ginger.  This  results to a crunchy but really tender chicken oozing of yummy  goodness inside.



 Chicken Karaage Php 260




This famous Japanese dish, Chicken Teriyaki, will never cease to amaze me. The word “Teriyaki” means “teri” a shine or luster given by the sugar content in the tare (sauce); and “yaki” which means the cooking method of grilling or broiling. Red Kimono’s version is all of that with a slight addition, sweet and tender chicken served with the Potato hay.  




Chicken Teriyaki Php 260




Another addition to Red Kimono‘s new menu is their list of different milk teas. This one’s Oolong tea topped with Rock Salt and Cheese. Sweet, salty and creamy all in one cup!



Rock Salt and Cheese with Oolong Tea Php 110





Finally, dessert! Red Kimono‘s Japanese version of the Panna Cotta is a green tea flavored cream finished off with fresh Mango slices. It’s a great palate cleanser– very smooth, creamy and tasty in your mouth.




Mango and Green Tea Panna Cotta Php 130




Cleverly named as the Red Kimochi is Red Kimono‘s  Japanese cake stuffed with Sesame and Vanilla Ice Cream. Not too sweet but highly recommended for those who want a different twist to the Mochi ice cream. 




Red Kimochi Php 130




Our Red Kimono food experience is definitely something to remember! To be stuffed with that kind of Japanese food outdoes all the other Japanese restaurants I’ve been to. The service was great, staff were really friendly, interiors were all put together nicely and of course, the Japanese food served is excellently satisfying. 





Gian, Sam and I With the staff of Red Kimono!




Visit Red Kimono’s newest branch for a great Japanese food experience!





Red Kimono


One Parkade Place, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila


6236155/ 09175692181


Open from Monday- Sunday 11:00 am-11:00 pm






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Thank you to: Mrs. Nameeta Dargani, Arlene Alinea, LJ Gabriel, Sam Chan, Gian Recalde and Jason Cruz. 
Japanese Cuisine : Red Kimono’s Modern-Traditional Dishes

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