Gucks Arts and Doodles: Check Out Cool, Customized, Handpainted Shoes

How about starting 2016 with some self-indulgence? New year, new start…new shoes? Why not? My first pick for self-treats 2016: customized handpainted shoes.

Made by the crazily talented people from Gucks Shoes, the name wittily comes from a contraction of the words “guhit,” which means “to draw” in Tagalog, and “Chucks” (yep, the Converse shoes). May it be a realistic depiction of your loved ones (great for couples!), to video game characters, to whatever it is that you would prompt them to design, they’ll do it for you. You can even bring in any type of shoes you’d want to sport your customized design. Believe it or not, Gucks have worked on high heels before.


I was ecstatic when I worked with them on the design that I wanted. They were very friendly, and the collaboration really helped inspire the vision for the design. When I received the finished product, I was truly amazed.


Not an exaggeration–the designs look like they were printed on the fabric. No outline misplaced or crooked. I also gave them a texturized background for a grunge-y effect, and I was surprised because it turned out better than I envisioned.

As for caring for your new-old shoes, Gucks Shoes also gives out tips as to how you can take care of your handpainted pair once you get them.


They ship internationally too. Price range usually goes around Php 1,400 to Php 2,000 (inclusive of shoes, exclusive of shipping fee).


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