Personalized Hand-Painted Gifts at Strokes of Broke

While everyone can affix a pen to paper or stroke a brush to canvas, not everybody can illuminate creativity as an artist at heart. Strokes of Broke is finally up and running through Instagram. Founded by Architecture student Nikky Rivera (@thenikkyrivera on Instagram), what started as a hobby turned into a business etched from the love of arts and a lot of motivation.


Nikky works on personalized crafts such as portrait, calligraphy, hand-painted bags and pouches, notepads, and other merchandises handy for work and school. Her customized and creative gift ideas that are perfect for your partners, friends, or relatives are almost limitless.

The artist armed with ink, brushes, paint, and blank canvas is fortified by a fulfilling amount of passion for the traditional artistry. With only a clean slate and her materials, she will merge ideas and execute worthy pieces for anyone tapped with interest.


According to the artist Nikky, “Strokes of Broke supports Kanlungan Sa Er-ma Ministry, Inc., a non-profit organization, licensed by the DSWD and is registered with SEC to operate as a child-caring agency that advocates children protection. Part of the proceeds from your purchases are donated to the organization.” By availing of her services, not only do you get one of a kind art, you also support child-care for the benefit of the greater good.

To show some more of her impressive craft, she even took liberty of making one for me (@azlyl), which by the way goes as my blog header for my site’s migration to—with no hesitation. Nikky’s works reflect the personality of her clientele, creating a subtle touch of the artist’s charisma, which is what art is all about.




So for anyone who like things artsy, craftsy, sheek and unique, check out Strokes of Broke. Hit her an e-mail at and she will be more than willing to assist. #SOBxNR

Splash the Art. Spread the Craft. Save the Broke.
Instagram: @strokesofbroke




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