Gretchen, Claudine, and Marjorie: The Story Behind the Barretto Family Feud

Disclaimer: All information presented here is purely based on news articles and interviews involving the Barretto sisters over the course of the last 15 years. It must be noted that there are sides to this story that are not known to the Filipino public and might not be mentioned or discussed in this article.

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The longstanding feud between the famous Barretto sisters has made headlines over the course of the years. It’s a story that is ever-evolving and often difficult to follow.

To make sense of how their sibling quarrels began, we must start from the very first reported evidence of their strained relationship.


In 2004, long after Gretchen cemented her place as a sought-after actress in the local showbiz industry and sisters Claudine and Marjorie landed their own projects, an article by Ricky Lo in The Philippine Star alleged that the siblings had a falling out caused by an argument Gretchen had with Marjorie’s then-husband Dennis Padilla.

It was said that Dennis wasn’t pleased that ABC-5, which was owned by Gretchen’s partner, Tonyboy Cojuangco, had hired Willie Revillame, Dennis’ former co-host in ABS-CBN’s Masayang Tanghali Bayan, to host a new show called Puso o Pera. Dennis got into a heated conversation with Gretchen over it, claiming that Willie was the reason why Masayang Tanghali Bayan got canceled and left him without a job.

In response to the issue, Claudine told StarTalk that “all the Barrettos” are on Dennis’ side.


Claudine married Raymart Santiago. Gretchen did not attend the wedding.


The reconciliation between Gretchen and Claudine happened when they ran into each other by chance at a grocery store. In an interview with GMA News, Claudine claimed that their reunion was an emotional one and that she was happy that they can finally iron things out between them.

Later, Dennis came forward to clear the air about Willie Revillame being the reason behind his misunderstanding with Gretchen but neglected to clarify what truly started it. He also asked for Gretchen’s forgiveness and expressed his desire for her to make amends with his then-wife Marjorie.

Not long after, he and Marjorie separated.

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Talks about Gretchen and Claudine starring in a teleserye together arise which Gretchen confirms in an interview with PEP during the Star Magic Ball. Claudine, however, dropped out of the project—which later was revealed to be hit series Magkaribal—and signed with GMA-7.


On April 2010, Gretchen admitted during a taped interview for The Buzz that she and Claudine are not in speaking terms once again. This came after she made headlines for “walking out” of a press conference when reporters asked her to comment on comparisons being made between her and her younger sister at the rival network. It was then when it was revealed to Gretchen that her much-awaited Maalaala Mo Kaya episode would be aired at the same timeslot as the pilot of Claudine’s drama anthology series.

“Originally, before Holy Week ilalalabas ang episode ko. Ang nangyari lang hindi talaga kami natapos. Sabi nila ang showing right after Holy Week. Hindi ko naman alam na may show siya. Hindi ko naman alam na ikakasama niya ng loob.

Totoo. Hindi kami nag-uusap ni Claudine at hindi ko talaga maintindihan kung bakit talaga at kung ano ang nangyari,” she told The Buzz.

(Translation: Originally, my MMK episode would be aired before Holy Week. What happened was that we weren’t able to finish. So they said that it will be shown after Holy Week. I had no idea that Claudine would have a show too. I didn’t realize that she would feel bad about it. It’s true, Claudine and I aren’t speaking and I don’t understand what really happened.)

The Buzz also reported that the sisters’ last conversation was in November 2009 before the awarding ceremony of the PMPC Star Awards for Television where Gretchen was nominated. Gretchen claimed that Claudine had prayed for her then.

Gretchen also revealed that Claudine did not show up on her birthday party in March.


Gretchen and Claudine reconciled once more. In an interview with Star Studio, Claudine confirmed that the two sisters made up again when they met unexpectedly at their mom, Inday Barretto’s, condominium. It had been a tearful resolution, she recalled. Since then, the two have “humbled” themselves and have started to “catch up on lost time.”

April 2013

On April 2013, an anonymous Instagram user started to bash Marjorie’s daughter, Julia, who just started her career in showbiz through Star Magic Batch 13. Both Gretchen and Marjorie confronted the user named “@btchjuliaisb***h” and their replies insinuated that they personally know who is behind the account.

“Your husband walked out coz [of your] violent ways. What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. oh pls reflect and go to your happy place[…]Medical City,” Gretchen replied to the basher. This led fans and followers to believe that she was referring to Claudine and Raymart.

Marjorie and Gretchen continued to converse in the comments about the basher’s “evil ways.”

“How can you desperately try to ruin your own blood… Sorry but there is no stopping Julia from shining bright like a diamond,” Gretchen added, addressing the basher.

The issue further escalated when the matriarch of the Barretto family, Inday, released a public statement addressed to Gretchen via Ricky Lo’s column in the Philippine Star.

In the letter, Inday defended Claudine from claims that she wanted to “block Julia’s entry to Star Magic” and “ruin Julia’s career.” Inday also accused Gretchen of attacking and maligning her family.

Gretchen did not respond to her mother’s allegations until several months after. Meanwhile, her siblings, JJ and Gia, made it publicly known whose side they are on: JJ on Gretchen’s and Gia on Claudine’s.

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July – August 2013

Source: Claudine Barretto,

It is revealed that Claudine and Raymart are no longer together. Reports claim that Claudine sought a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Raymart, citing “physical, verbal, psychological, even economical” abuse. Although Raymart had denied these claims, the TRO was reportedly granted on August 2013, with Claudine filing a petition to make it permanent.

September – October 2013

Claudine was accused of theft by her former personal assistant. In an interview, Claudine said she believes it was Gretchen who convinced her assistant to file the theft charges. She then filed a counter-affidavit.

Meanwhile, Raymart filed an affidavit to the court which documented the abuse he suffered from Claudine. It included sworn statements from Gretchen, Marjorie, and JJ. According to the affidavit, as revealed by PEP, Claudine had kept urging Raymart to sue Gretchen for “alleged derogatory remarks made by her against our children” which Raymart said wasn’t true.

Raymart also accused Claudine of drug use which he said in his sworn statement that he can provide evidence for. Gretchen came forward with her own public statement confirming Claudine’s alleged addiction and the treatments she has gotten over the years for it.

In the same statement, Gretchen also appealed to her parents, especially to her father who had since denounced Gretchen, Marjorie, and JJ for siding with Raymart, to “hear Claudine’s cry for help.”

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