Gretchen, Claudine, and Marjorie: The Story Behind the Barretto Family Feud


Claudine admitted in a tell-all Buzz ng Bayan interview in May that she was “angry” and “hurt” over accusations being made by her siblings, including Gretchen, about her alleged mental illness. “It’s mental torture,” Claudine clarified, claiming that she is diagnosed with Battered Wife Syndrome.

She then said that she didn’t want to be affiliated with Gretchen anymore and urged her to stay away from her and her children. She cited an instance when Gretchen had verbally abused her and called her names.

However, Claudine revealed that she is mad at Marjorie the most.

Sa lahat lahat ng tao, kay Marjorie ako pinakagalit kasi pinag-away kami ni Gretchen eh,” she said. “I said some painful things to my sister which I will forever regret. I always made life easy for my sister, for Marjorie. But she killed me the day na tinanggal niya yung karapatan ko to see my nieces na pinalaki ko. Nakalimutan niya ako, ‘yung ako talaga.”

(Translation: Out of everyone, I am angry at Marjorie the most because she is the reason behind my conflict with Gretchen. I said some painful things to my sister which I will forever regret. I always made life easy for my sister, for Marjorie. But she killed me the day when she removed my right to see my nieces who I helped raise. She forgot about me, the real me.)

In the same interview, Claudine said that she loves her niece Julia and said that Julia is the one to follow in her footsteps in showbiz. She also expressed her love and care to Marjorie’s other children.

Marjorie, however, refuted Claudine’s statements and told her through Buzz ng Bayan: “Claudine, you never borrowed my children. You never even tried to call them. I will never deprive you of seeing my children. Never. Please don’t claim to love my children when not too long ago, you tried so hard to destroy them.”


Signs that Claudine and Marjorie have finally made up were first shown in March when Claudine attended Julia’s debut.

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In July, Marjorie was spotted at Claudine’s birthday celebration.

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Meanwhile, Gretchen kept her distance from Marjorie after she confirmed to reporters about their “silent war” which is said to have stemmed from Gretchen’s alleged lack of support for Julia.

In a separate interview, Marjorie said that she didn’t want to force Gretchen into patching things up with her if the timing wasn’t right.

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Claudine revealed that she had patched things up with brother JJ and sister Michelle—who had both previously sided with Gretchen during the explosive April 2013 controversy—with a photo of them all eating together with their mother Inday.

March 2019 

After years of not being in good terms, Gretchen and Claudine are once again back in each other’s lives. In March, they held an Instagram Live session for their fans and followers explaining how they decided to patch things up between them.

However, their relationship with Marjorie has yet to be repaired.

In an interview with DZMM, Gretchen revealed that she has no intentions of fixing things with Marjorie. “I value my life, my mental health, my peace, and my finances. I am not ready and I don’t think I will ever be for Marjorie. She has become so toxic in my life. I would not stop loving her but I also love myself, I also love my family,” Gretchen said.

Gretchen also explained that her siblings have always guilt-tripped her for having a lavish lifestyle and that Claudine is the only one who doesn’t make her feel this way.

Gretchen also spoke up against Marjorie’s firstborn, Dani, who claimed in a vlog post that Marjorie was the only one who raised her on account of not having a solid relationship with her biological father, Kier Legaspi.

Gretchen was disappointed that she wasn’t credited for having helped Marjorie raise Dani and that Dani wasn’t grateful enough to recognize the efforts of Kier to “be a part of Dani’s life,” or so Gretchen claimed.

She also admitted on the Instagram Live that she won’t attend Dani’s wedding even if she was invited.

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July 2019

Marjorie took to Instagram to share photos of her and the Barretto family without Claudine and Gretchen.

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Soon after, Claudine took to her own Instagram account to post a cryptic message that read: “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that I only exist when you need something.” She wrote in the caption: “I’m Done! I can only do and take so much.”

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I’m Done! I can only do and take so much.

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Gretchen replied to her post, saying: “CORRECT. DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO ABUSE YOUR KINDNESS.” Claudine responded with: “I thank God I have u.”

It is unclear, however, whom the two siblings were referring to.

July – August 2019 

Marjorie’s family are currently finding themselves in the middle of a controversy after allegations are made against Julia for being involved in Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s breakup. Gretchen has since been vocal about her support for Bea, who was her costar in Magkaribal.

Gretchen also claimed that Julia’s first public statement about the issue was penned by a ghostwriter.

In response to Gretchen’s allegations, Marjorie was caught changing her Instagram bio to “Ghost Writer.” Gretchen retaliated by changing hers to “Ghost Buster.”

As of writing, Marjorie has deleted the bio.

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