Claudia Barretto: On Launching Her Debut EP and Being a Singer in a Family of Actors

Written by Jesh Orquina / Photography by Patrice Tuyay / Graphics by Clarence Abiera

Claudia Barretto EP Launch

The Barretto family is one of the most well-known celebrity families. Since the 80’s, the family has been successfully dominating the acting industry and now, they’re taking over the music industry, as well.

Claudia Barretto introduced herself to the music industry by releasing three singles in the past year: “Stay”, “Finally Found It”, and “You”. Last Friday, Claudia finally released her self-titled five-track debut EP. Her EP includes her previous singles plus a remix version of Finally Found It and a brand new song, “Poison”.

When asked about how she prepared for this EP, Claudia says that she was truly blessed to be able to work with some of the most talented producers and songwriters in the country. Her first single “Stay”, was written by Moira dela Torre while “You”, her favorite song from the EP, was co-written and co-produced by Fern. As someone who is just starting, Claudia is very grateful that she got to work with people who already know how to navigate their way through the music industry.

Claudia Barretto singing Finally Found It

Claudia performing “Finally Found It” during her EP listening party

The Barrettos have long been known for their acting, so it’s pretty common for people to wonder what it’s like to be a singer in a family of actors. We asked Claudia if going into music was challenging for her, given that most of her celebrity relatives went into acting. For Claudia, it wasn’t much of a challenge. Instead, it was what helped her get to where she is today.

“Even before I started singing or even before people knew that I was into music or that I was gonna release music, I already had these supports who look up to me,” she says. “Because of that, when I started releasing music, these people were already there and they helped me get where I am today so I’m just really happy how that turned out.”

Claudia Barretto with family and friends

Claudia hanging out with her friends and family during her EP listening party

Claudia’s family and friends showed their support for Claudia by attending her EP listening party, as well as posting about her EP on social media.

Claudia Barretto EP Cover

Claudia’s self-titled debut EP is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, and Spotify.

Claudia Barretto


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