Claudia Barretto’s Passion for Singing Proves She’s a Star on Her Own

Photos by: Chel Cue

With a great roster of budding artists in today’s local music scene, artists tend to struggle to put their names up there considering the crazy competition of great talent and the promising potential of the local artists that we have. Even getting the music ‘out there’ is a tough road to start with. To be honest, though, no one has to complain about all the great music our artists are putting out there. I cannot agree with Ely Buendia’s tweet enough.

OPM is very much alive today, especially with its revival by both the pop and indie scene. While it may have felt like it took a timeout from the limelight, Original Pilipino Music is definitely back for good, and it’s back with greater flair as the music scene is staged with up-and-coming young talents.

Speaking of young talents, I know you’ve heard of the Barrettos and their line of beautiful young ladies who are simply born with unparalleled talent when it comes to acting. One Barretto is deviating from the norm, though, and is very much decided to pursue her one and only passion: singing.

Claudia Barretto’s Passion For Singing Proves She’s A Star On Her Own

Don’t be quick to judge this girl’s ability because I’m telling you: she’s got more than just good looks. Claudia has quite the charming personality, plus a voice so soft that it tricks you into thinking that singing is an easy task. She might not have a big voice like other singers do, though her unique voice makes up for it. She’s a big fan of unique voices, too. Like KZ Tandigan and Selena Gomez, who both have a unique sound, Claudia wishes to deliver the same as she debuts her first single ‘Stay’.

Claudia Barretto’s Passion For Singing Proves She’s A Star On Her Own

Her single has a boppy, fun tune with just about the most relatable lyrics a romantic could ever hear. The production is so good that the somehow-senti lyrics of the song gets life through the RnB vibe of every beat. Because the song is sterlingly written and produced (cheers to Moira Dela Torre for the lyrics and Universal Records for the sick beats), as well, people have given positive reception to the song – so much so that thought they were listening to an international hit, perhaps resembling Tinashe’s or Kiiara’s style, particularly basing from the play of different human voices.

Claudia Barretto’s Passion For Singing Proves She’s A Star On Her Own

I know it’s far too early for anyone to say that she’s going to be a hit in the music scene (when she’s already one), but I would be lying to myself if I said otherwise. With a chart-topping hit that reached number 4 in its first week, one can confirm she’s a star undeterred by a fresh start and a different passion. It just goes to show that when you have talent and passion, it goes beyond producing smash hits; it’s doing what you love the most— and that is what Claudia is all about.