GHOST BUSTER: Gretchen Barretto Changes Her Instagram Bio Too!

On August 11, Netizens noticed that Gretchen Barretto put ‘Ghost Buster’ as her bio on her official Instagram account. The most obvious reason for this could be that her sister, Marjorie, changed her own bio on Instagram to ‘Ghost Writer’ allegedly in response to Gretchen claiming that Julia Barretto’s statement about the Bea-Gerald-Julia was written by a ghostwriter.

gretchen barretto instagram ghost buster

Even in the early days of the Bea-Gerald-Julia issue, Gretchen has openly supported Bea Alonzo on the social media site.

Gretchen has yet to officially say anything about the whole thing, but we’ll just let her social media activities speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, the other side of the Barretto clan has been trying to move on from the issue.

Just the other night, Marjorie treated her daughters out for dinner.

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