The Green House Project: How To Take Care Of Your New Indoor Plant Friend

The Green House Project: How To Take Care Of Your New Indoor Plant Friend


Indoor plants are the latest buzz, thanks to our tall one-line speaking friend G to the Root. Or if you just wandered around the farmer’s market alone and found yourself going home with a cute little plant beside you, but have no idea how to take care of it, you better read up!


the green house project for 3Life inside the Terrarium 


The people behind The Green House Project were nice enough to let me adopt not just one, but two of their well-grown plants. Let’s look at them closely:



These plants are kept inside an enclosed container to keep the ecosystem limited or exclusive. The transparent glass container allows sunlight in, so it causes water vapor to rise and moisten up the plants. And the cycle goes on as it sustains itself within its perimeter.

How to take care of terrarium plants:

  • As it is in an enclosed container, leaving the lid open once a week helps refresh the atmosphere inside. The myth that it should be left closed forever will grow mold and unwanted bacteria, causing the plant to die.
  • Do not over-water the plant; just keep it moist. There are pebbles at the bottom of the jar; only keep the water level at that point. Do not go above the pebbles because doing so will store water in the soil, leaving the root to rot.
  • Keep it beside the window for sunlight. Just because it’s an indoor plant does not necessarily mean it doesn’t need sunlight. It still does.


the green house project for 4This Closed Terrarium Plant generates its own water vapour and the life cycle goes on.



Cacti are strong and can withstand any weather conditions, thus they are one of the most indestructible plants around. The Cactus is part of the Succulent family, so this plant is nearly impossible to kill. Of course, looking after it is still part of the whole deal. It just doesn’t require as much effort as other regular plants.

How to take care of your Succulent:

  • Succulents love the sun. They thrive in the sunlight. Place it in a bright corner. The leaves will start yellowing if the sunlight is too harsh, though. Look for just the right amount. No, it doesn’t like the dim corners of your room.
  • Do not over-water this kind of plant. Their chunky leaves already hold a lot of water (it’s a desert plant, after wall!). Watering it too much might drown the plants or make the roots rot. Wait for one week before watering it again, or wait until the soil dries. During some seasons, it will only require monthly watering.
  • Just like the Terrarium, a good layer of rocks at the bottom would be great for the plant. It will give room for water drainage.


the green house project for 1Succulents are almost indestructible; this will be ideal if you’re a beginner


The Green House Project: Let’s Start Making The World Greener Starting with Our Homes


Actually, any of these plants are great for beginners. Whether you want to start making the world a greener place or you just want something refreshing in the corner of your home, The Green House Project is a nice shop to visit. Forget about those plastic fake plants. Forget about those expensive paintings.

Go to The Green House Project and get yourself a beautiful life form instead.



The Green House Project


They’ll be at the Greenfield Weekend Market every Saturday from 4PM – 12MN and at BellySima Glorietta every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) during mall hours until the end of 2014.

They deliver, too!



Instagram: @TheGreenHouseProjectPH



The Green House Project: How To Take Care Of Your New Indoor Plant Friend