Greatest Discovery EVER: The Art of Folding Pizza


In life, there are many great inventions that have come from folding things! Life as we know it changed drastically for the better after our great great great great ancestors discovered the art of FOLDING!


Take for example: the wallet! I mean, imagine men without their folding wallets! They’d look ridiculous holding a purse-looking-non-folding-wallet-thingamajig. It would be an atrocious crime against fashion and manhood! Furthermore, imagine paper, (one of the most important contraptions in human history, so important that human history was even written on them), now imagine paper that didn’t fold! We’d be like Neanderthals thrown back to the Stone Age passing around non-foldable paper! Even worse, is where would we put these non-foldable-papers? We obviously can’t put them in folders if folding was never discovered! We’d have to put them in…. well…. Non-folding-folders…. or whatever those are called…


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that folding has brought us into the 21st century! We are where we are now because of the three greatest discoveries in history, namely: the remote control, sliced bread, and folding!


So it’s about time that they incorporated this discovery to my most favoritest food in the world – PIZZA!




With that being said – attention all Yellow Cab Pizza Co. lovers and friends, from the restaurant that serves you your favorite pizza roll, the Dear Darla, comes a new dish made especially for you! Presenting the “My Size Folded Pizza“!


Now let me share this historical discovery with all our readers now!



How to properly fold a pizza



1. Choose your My Size pizza flavor (each pizza is sort of split in half, meaning that one half is covered with your choice of toppings and the other half is covered with cheese): Grilled Lime Chicken, Shrimp and Pepperoni.









2. Add on your choice of arugula, romaine lettuce, tomato slices and caesar dressing.







3. Fold your pizza (like a boss).







4. Eat and repeat!






And there you have it! Possibly the greatest discovery EVER in the new era! What’s even more captivating about this is that now, you can actually go to pizza places even if you suffer from the “Forever Alone” syndrome! Craving pizza and don’t have friends, girlfriends or your family around, well no problem! Now you can march right in to a Yellow Cab Pizza store and demand for your “My Size Folded Pizza”! Imagine all the possibilities… no more sitting by yourself in the fetal position, crying hungry in the shower because you’re all alone! Now you can sit alone in the fetal position crying with a full stomach in the shower because you’re all alone.


Ok, just kidding with all that crying stuff. But seriously though, it’s a cool thing that you can now have your pizza for one!




On a more practical side, the other things that I enjoyed about this dish was the fact that although the crust was fairly thin, it did not break despite having to hold several ingredients in. Lastly, My Size Folded Pizza is available for take-out and delivery which is absolutely perfect for students like me who are craving for pizza but need to stay in school because of group study sessions and what- not.


So, what are you waiting for?


When In Manila, head on over to your nearest Yellow Cab Pizza branch and order yourself a My Size Folded Pizza today!










*Article co-written by Senior Contributor Raisa Tan

*Photos courtesy of my awesome friend, Aaron Articulo.





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Yellow Cab Pizza Co. My Size Folded Pizza



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