Grande Island Resort: The Ultimate Place for a Subic Summer Escapade

Grande Island Resort: The Ultimate Place for a Subic Summer Escapade


Well, summer is about to end as we enter the rainy season in a few weeks, but hey, it’s not over yet. We can still enjoy the hot summer sun at the beach, go swimming in a crystal-clear pool, take a luxurious island tour, or spend time with our loved ones (or a special someone you have in mind). If you want your last summer getaway to be awesome, fun and memorable, I would definitely recommend going to Grande Island Resort in Subic!

Grande Island Resort Subic

Just a 2-hour drive from Manila to Subic, Zambales, Grande Island Resort is the ultimate paradise outside of the city. They offer many amenities to cater to the needs of tourist, such as the use of the beach and swimming pool, water activities (snorkeling, fishing, banana boat, jet ski, etc.), camping, recreational sports (soccer, badminton, etc.), horseback riding, island cruising and nature trekking.

It is also a great location to celebrate weddings, family reunions, anniversaries, or even barkada get-togethers. You can have an overnight stay at one of their chalet rooms, which has different amenities such as:

  • Comfy queen-sized beds
  • Split-type air conditioners
  • Hot or cold showers
  • Your own private mini bar and refrigerator
  • Coffee and tea-making equipment
  • Colored Television with cable channels
  • and Free WIFI access.


Grande Island Resort in Subic


Just recently, me and my family went there to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. At first, I thought it was just one of those ordinary resorts that only offer a beach and a restroom. But it turns out that Grande Island Resort is different (in a good way).

Grande Island Resort Subic

Passengers eagerly waiting for the ferry 

We rode an awesome air-conditioned ferry with a T.V. (it was my first time to ride one). I enjoyed looking out the window and seeing the view of Subic as the ferry was going to Grande Island. The crew ensured the safety of its passengers by reminding us about the unsafe areas. Life jackets were also available at every seat so that passengers could safely float out to sea in case there are any problems with the ferry.

Grande Island Resort Subic

Ferry to Grande Island 

After the 20-minute cruise, we finally got to see the beauty of the island. The staff was very hospitable and even offered us complimentary drinks when we arrived.

Grande Island Resort Subic

The Best View Ever!

Grande Island Resort Subic

Log swing for kids

They really ensured the safety of its tourists as they gave us each a life vest in case we wanted to swim on the beach. I tried the swimming pool first (since it was too hot to swim on the beach). The pool was clearer and cleaner than in other resorts. Ranging from 3-6 feet, It was perfect for all ages. The beach, on the other hand, was beautiful, even if there were too many medium-sized rocks on the shoreline. 

Grande Island Resort Subic

After swimming, me and my two cousins took a short bike ride and an island tour. We looked through some of the chalet rooms, took nature pictures, watched horses eat grass and rode on a golf cart-type vehicle.

The nature walk was great, especially since I had my music fix with me (thank you, Spotify!) The walk was 10x better while I was listening to my favorite playlist, which is the Ultimate 90’s (jologs alert!). Spotify has thousands of playlists that you can choose from that will suit your music style. You can even create your own playlist by compiling all the songs you want to hear.

It’s an awesome app available for Android and Apple iOS! Check out our feature on it here: Spotify: The Free Music Fix for Everyone 

Grande Island Resort Subic

Grande Island Resort Subic

Bike ride at the Island

Even though my body was aching after all of the swimming and walking, the highlight of my trip happened before I left the island. As the sun was setting on the mountains, it created this great view that made my day at Grande Island Resort complete.

Grande Island Resort Subic

Awesome Sunset view! 

As we rode the cruise back to civilization, The crew of the ferry was kind enough to let the passengers stay at the top of the deck while the ferry was traveling. It was so awesome that I got to experience being on that cruise and just feel that cool breeze.

Overall, I enjoyed my travel to Grande Island Resort. I got to see picture-perfect sceneries, ride on a ferry boat, take an island tour, eat the best Bicol express ever and just have an awesome time with my family, in general.

Grande Island Resort Subic

Let me know about your Grande Island Resort getaway!



Grande Island Resort


Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Manila Line: +63 2 584. 4359

Subic Line: +63 47 250. 2963 to 64

Mobile Number: +63917. 873. 8777

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Grande Island Resort: The Ultimate Place for a Subic Summer Escapade


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