Spotify Now in the Philippines: The Free Music Fix for Everyone

Spotify Now in the Philippines: The Free Music Fix for Everyone


When In Manila, music is practically a must to make it through the day. Commuting, killing time at work or in school – you need music. Fortunately, the gods from music heaven answered our prayers with Spotify: the free music fix for everyone! You better believe it! It’s finally here! In fact, I’m using the app right now as I type! Hmm… actually, I use it all the time.


Spotify Philippines: The Free Music Fix for Everyone

Spotify Free Music

The ‘Browse’ page features an array of options. Choose music based on your current mood, preferred genre, and so much more! “Spotify the Music Fix for Everyone.”

Product Overview

Spotify is the world’s leading music-discovery platform, which launched in the Philippines last April 8. Spotify allows you to discover and listen to unlimited music for free. A perfect fit for every music hungry Filipino. By downloading the desktop and or mobile client, you’ll gain access to more than 30 million tracks in its catalogue – literally E V E R Y songs you can possibly think of, including hits from your favorite local artists.

Subscription Options

Spotify Free Music

The great thing is that Spotify allows you to listen to unlimited music for free, sponsored with ads. They also have a feature that allows you to bring your music anywhere with its offline play under the Premium subscription, which is only priced at P129 for 30 days. This amounts to a measly P4 per day. Imagine that!

Available payment options:

  • Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard)
  • PayPal

You can finally rid the illegal download sources, and start supporting your favorite artists. If you’re wondering if a Premium subscription is worth it; it definitely is. It is an excellent alternative if you want a huge music collection. Of course, you can buy the tracks individually from other sources, as well,  but doing so will cost you 2-5x more than what Spotify asks for.

Spotify Free Music

Discover new music. The app suggests tracks you might be interested to try, based on your previously played tracks. A very dynamic experience. Your next favorite track is probably waiting in queue. “Spotify the Music Fix for Everyone.”

The Experience

You can collaborate, share, and listen to free music with your friends. It also gives you the option to connect with your Facebook account so your friends can check out what you’re listening to. There are endless possibilities. You’ll find 10,000 reasons to like Spotify right off the bat! I invited several friends to try out the service and no one ever came back disappointed. It’s safe to say that once you try it, you will never go back! Over time, the music and overall experience just grows on you, and pretty soon, you’ll find yourself not wanting to close the app even in your sleep…. or you can fall asleep to Coldplay, or The Nationals, which ever works. Endless possibilities! 😛



  • Unlimited FREE music streaming
  • Enormous song catalogue (30+ million!)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Seamless social network integration
  • Cached music loads faster, no lags at all!
  • Offline mode negates the need for an internet connection (with Premium Subscription) 


  • It’s very, very addicting, consider yourself warned! 😉

Without bias, I can truly say that I LOVE SPOTIFY. It is more than just another app sitting in my phone; it is slowly transforming my lifestyle, too.

P.S. You’re welcome.



Spotify Free Music

Spotify Manila

“Music for Everyone”

Available for Android and Apple iOS


 Spotify Now in the Philippines: The Free Music Fix for Everyone