“Goodbye Feelings” Hugot Fireworks: I Need This!!!



The new year is always full of new beginnings. It is the time to let go of the bad stuff of the past and focus on how we can become better people as a whole. And what better way to symbolise letting go of the past than with… FIREWORKS FULL OF HUGOT!!!


goodbye feelings fireworks

(We found this photo circulating on the Internet, but it does not belong to us. If you know who this photo originally belongs to, please send us a message and let us know, so we can give them proper credit for its awesomeness!)

I gotta admit: I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this photo. I wish I knew where to find this and I wish they had started selling them before Christmas because I know a bunch of other people who would want this, as well.

Make sure to tag your friends who need to say goodbye to their feelings this 2016! #RealTalk