The Good Baker MNL Has Five Flavors of Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

I’ve always been a firm believer that the best kinds of cakes are ones that are made with love and purpose. If you do your research, you’ll be surprised to find just how many bakeries have lost touch with their origin stories. Suddenly, the business becomes just that: a business, something to profit off of. Sure, it’s sweet; but the sentiment isn’t there, and that’s not something to be proud of.

Lucky for me, I’ve discovered a new online bakery that hits that sweet spot. They make delicious cakes and pastries that aren’t too sinful and are also full of love. Introducing: The Good Baker. And yes, they’re good. Great, even.

A joint effort by sisters Rosemary and Tina, The Good Baker aims to deliver fresh guilt-free cakes and pastries to your dinner table. You don’t have to feel guilty about that extra slice because although of these sweet treats may feel indulgent, they’re not as sinful as you think.

All of their cakes are baked with fresh ingredients and without preservatives. Some variants even come in a “lite” version with less sugar for the health-conscious.

It’s a great initiative and one that has been, in hindsight, decades in the making when the See sisters started baking as teenagers. Now mothers themselves, the See sisters are the youngest two out of seven children, and the ones who remain the closest to each other. They’ve gotten each other through some tough times and it’s exactly this kind of love that you can taste in their cakes.

IMG 9253

Sweetness in every bite! (6″ Regular Mango Shortcake for Php550)

Of course, I hadn’t known all of this when I first came across their Facebook page. What did catch my eye, though, were two things: their mango shortcake and their flavored brazo de mercedes.

It’s no surprise that I love mangoes. After all, the world’s best mangoes are grown right here in the Philippines. However, I hadn’t been much of a fan of mango cake until now. I always felt like most bakeries made their mango cakes so that each ingredient seemed to battle against each other for your attention. The Good Baker’s flavors, on the other hand, complement each other surprisingly well.

IMG 9324

Go on, take a bite! You deserve it.

Imagine a spread of fresh mangoes and cream sandwiched between two layers of soft vanilla cake. It’s not exactly dense, but the cake has just the right amount of richness to make each bite oh-so-satisfying. The cake is decorated with stars piped perfectly from fresh cream, and then crowned with ripe Philippine mangoes. It’s perfect for your sweet tooth.

IMG 7590

The perfect merienda! 

Here’s where things get a little more exciting: flavored frozen brazo. I love brazo de mercedes; it’s a classic. The See sisters have added a fun little twist to their version. Theirs comes in five different flavors: Original, Original Lite, Matcha, Cookie Butter, and Mango. I had the privilege to taste the Cookie Butter and Matcha flavors. Let me warn you: they’re addicting.

IMG 9728

Behold: something for my fellow matcha lovers. (Matcha frozen brazo for Php750) 

The matcha comes with a layer of fluffy meringue, matcha ice cream, custard, and an Oreo cookie crust. The most notable thing for me is how well the custard goes with their matcha ice cream, which has all the depth of true matcha, not just “matcha flavoring”. I’ve always been a fan of green tea, so I know how to discern this. Trust me: it does not disappoint, and it’s awesome to have two of my favorite things finally married into one. Another slice of matcha brazo? Yes, please.

IMG 9831

The perfect Christmas dessert for all of those reunions with your loved ones. (Cookie butter frozen brazo for Php750)

I can’t even compare the Matcha to the Cookie Butter. To do so would be unfair; they’re on completely different levels of deliciousness. Topped with the same kind of fluffy meringue and powdered sugar, the Cookie Butter Brazo takes on a whole new flavor with layers of vanilla ice cream and cookie butter custard (made with Biscoff sprinkles! Yum!). There’s a cookie butter crust at the bottom that adds a familiar taste and helps wrap up all of the layers quite nicely.

If you aren’t sold on The Good Baker yet, just wait! With the upcoming Christmas season, the See sisters are planning on expanding their menu with Moist Chocolate Cake, cupcakes, and Food for the Gods. Hurry up, though! They might run out if you don’t order on time. Lucky for us, they’re taking advance orders for Christmas as early as now! It’s the perfect gift to give from one family to another, not just on Christmas, but every time you have room for dessert.

The Good Baker MNL

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