Go for a Healthier Eating Lifestyle with Gourmet Guys

Everyone has a different kind of lifestyle, I am blessed with one that not only keeps me exceedingly busy and creative most of the time, it also delights me with exciting challenges each week. Unfortunately, this makes me pay less attention to my health and more importantly, to what I eat. When in Manila, we’re lucky that there are now professionals who can come to our rescue. Enter the Gourmet Guys. I had the chance to try their meal program for a week.

First though, who are the Gourmet Guys and what they do?  Gourmet Guys offer a unique food delivery service that is comprised of a personalized meal plan that is tailored to your lifestyle. They offer different kinds of meal plans that will either help you gain weight, build muscle mass or lose weight. After you’ve done an initial sign up at their website, you can then choose which meal plan is right for you. The rest is up to them. They will deliver the meals always a day before your schedule and you can then follow the instructions on each meal pack to enjoy it.

The meals arrive in big brown paper bags like this.


I got excited seeing my name on the brown paper bag knowing that there’s good food within it!


I love how neatly labeled each dish was. There was a list of ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the food.


Each day, you get to eat five meals-three main meals and two snacks. I was given a high protein diet of 1700 calories a day. Now take note of this. The folks at Gourmet Guys see to it that the meals delivered to you won’t leave you feeling like you’re on a crash diet. Instead, it will help you lead a more productive and more energetic lifestyle. For five days, I enjoyed these meals delivered to my office and it helped me concentrate more on my work week.

 Gourmet-Guys-When-In-Manila-Dec 5 Gourmet-Guys-When-In-Manila-Dec 4 Gourmet-Guys-When-In-Manila-Dec 3 Gourmet-Guys-When-In-Manila-Dec 2 Gourmet-Guys-When-In-Manila-Dec 1

They look yummy, yes? Well, if you’re used to eating a huge serving all to yourself for one meal, you might be surprised at the delicate portions for each meal is this time around. However, it was a pleasant surprise at how filling the meals were and I found myself not grabbing for an unhealthy snack in between meals anymore.

 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-13 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-08 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-07 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-16 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-15 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-05

To be honest, some of the delivered meals didn’t cater to my taste. However, don’t fret because the folks at Gourmet Guys will listen eagerly to your feedback. The advantages of “subscribing” to the meal plans include: no fuss meal planning because it is already done for you, it’s exciting to see what meals you will eat for the day, you can track your progress on their website.

 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-14 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-09 gourmet-guys-meal-plans-03

If you wish to change bad eating habits, lose weight or gain body mass, this could be an option for you. Check out more about the Gourmet Guys on their site today.


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Go for a Healthier Eating Lifestyle with Gourmet Guys


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