Give the Gift of Green this Christmas Season!

Forget the cliché Christmas gift list – the one with wine, chocolates, and clothes-that-won’t-be-worn-anyway.

The perfect Christmas gift this season is a live one, and it comes in a classy, elegant package.

The Gift of Green – Green Thumb Terrariums

Better than Pets – Almost

It’s getting tougher to get Christmas gifts for friends and colleagues. As the years pass, it seems like we’ve given them pretty much everything and anything. At this stage (late twenties – gasp!), we need a Christmas gift option that’s grown up but won’t take up too much commitment. The answer: terrariums!

Green Thumb Modern Greeneries

Green Thumb Modern GreeneriesA mid-sized variant, the Corbel, that looks best as a dining room centerpiece.

Chances are, the friends we’ll be buying gifts for this Christmas have moved in to a condo or are in the process of moving out and building their own man cave or nest. Space is at a super-premium, and the last thing we want to do is clutter it with trinkets or things they’ll be getting from a dozen Christmas parties and Secret Santa exchanges. This is why terrariums are perfect as gifts this Christmas.

Green Thumb Modern GreeneriesOne of the bigger multi-plant variants that Green Thumb designs for larger spaces, the Hoefer. It’s extremely elegant on a standalone corner table!

Green Thumb Modern GreeneriesThe Prism, single-plant variant that looks best in pairs or in threes.

Great for office tables or workstations.

 Three Things You Need to Know about Terrariums

  1. They are an instant upgrade in style for any home or office table. No matter the personality of your gift receiver, a beautifully arranged potted plant immediately ups that space’s game; it’s virtually impossible for a terrarium to not fit in!
  2.  A terrarium is perfect for the hustle and bustle of the Millennial lifestyle. You know how it goes: a precarious integration of love, work, play, family, friends, and every other thing in between. Terrariums don’t get in the way because they require so little maintenance.
  3. One will potentially outlive and outlast all other gifts your receiver gets this Christmas. With reasonably care, the plants will live for several more Christmases. It’s a gift that essentially pays for itself with its longevity, emotional value, and of course, a great “Hey, remember this gift you gave me last Christmas? Ganda pa rin!”

Order Yours from Green Thumb Modern Greeneries!

My own terrarium is designed, potted, and delivered by Green Thumb Modern Greeneries, a project by the creative duo of Mayk Juat and Tom Eugenio. The two guys manage an advertising agency and production house. Building terrariums started out as a side project, for stress relief, but they’ve grown it into a full-blown business.

Green Thumb Modern GreeneriesMy terrarium, the Aller. Adds a handsome touch to any workstation.

Green Thumb designs their terrariums from the inside out. The layers of soil, moss, and other materials are customized according to the plants in individual terrariums, to ensure longevity with minimal care. They are packed and arranged in beautiful, durable glass containers, to protect the ecosystem. Depending on the size, your terrarium might even come with a solid wooden base for added style points and support.

Green Thumb Modern GreeneriesThe Aller, on a driftwood variant.

As a promise of quality, Green Thumb also offers replacing withered plants, new soil transfers, and other maintenance concerns.

So make that Christmas list, and pick which terrarium to gift your family and friends! From the small, classic centerpiece one, to the mid-sized multi-plant options perfect for dining tables, there’s sure to be one that will be the highlight of any condo or office table.

Green Thumb Modern GreeneriesA Christmas special from Green Thumb Modern Greeneries!

Green Thumb Modern Greeneries

For the full range of Green Thumb Modern Greeneries terrariums, check out their Instagram at @greenthumbmg. You can also find them on Facebook at

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