Getting There: Have You Seen These Updates for LRT-1 This Year?

Traveling around Metro Manila is a challenge.

There is traffic everywhere. Hence, more often than not, taking the train is still the fastest way to go.

Before, this has also been very, very challenging. Now, it has become better with a few upgrades on our train system, specifically on LRT-1 since the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) took over. Slowly but surely, the room for improvements is being filled and things are getting there.

Since taking over in September 2015, LRMC has already implemented some upgrades on the system, both functional and cosmetic, to ease travel. These include:

7. Riding the trains feeling the Christmas vibe


Photo by Jeck Batallones via Twitter

LRMC dressed up one of its trains to give all the Christmas feels. They adorned the train with Christmas décor and many commuters were happy about this.

Commuters expressed their delight via social media posts. Some said that it “relieves their stress” and others even went to say that “it’s the best thing that ever happened (to LRT-1)”.

6. Tightened security measures

LRT Story 2 - xray machines

LRMC now has more metal detectors on their train stations.

According to LRMC, their tightened security measures have seen an increase in number of confiscated items, a proof that the system they have placed is effective.

5. Yay! More trains (light rail vehicles or LRVs)


So more passengers can go to their destinations, LRMC immediately worked on repairing the light rail vehicles (LRVs). They increased the LRVs from only 77 during the time of their takeover to 100 by the end of December 2016. Their skilled technicians and engineers did the repairs to quickly increase the number of LRVs in operation. Now, there are more trains to bring Filipinos where they need to be.

LRMC is also expecting to receive 120 new LRVs through a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) loan by 2018. When these trains arrive, we can expect traveling via LRT-1 to be even faster and more convenient.

4. Installation of new rails from Baclaran to 5th Ave


LRMC has also started installing new rails from Baclaran to 5th Avenue stations. The project covers 21 kilometers of rail tracks on the northbound route and five kilometers on the southbound route. Once completed, trains will be able to run at a maximum speed of 60 kph, while also increasing the lifespan of LRVs, avoiding wear and tear of the rolling stock, and ensuring the reliability of the whole train system.


3. Fixed elevators and escalators along EDSA


Now, you don’t have to settle for the stairs especially if you are carrying many things when traveling on LRT-1. With LRMC fixing the escalators and elevators, going in and around the stations can now be done with ease. LRMC recently completed the repair and restoration of all its 32 elevators and escalators located in EDSA, Doroteo Jose, Roosevelt, Balintawak, and Monumento.

2. More people to serve you


LRMC beefed up its manpower by adding 105 station tellers, 25 station supervisors, and 30 train drivers, including LRT-1’s first lady train driver. Under this project, LRMC was able to add more trips per day and open more teller booths at the stations.

1. More exciting improvements coming


Bigger improvements are still on the way. Kicking off the refurbishment of LRT-1’s 20 stations is the upcoming unveiling of the new Doroteo Jose station this month.


With all these improvements done and still underway, LRMC has proven that a lot can happen in just a little over a year. LRMC continues its mission to bring better train facilities and services to Filipinos, all through its commitment to public service.

Have you seen these updates? What other improvements can you recommend?