WATCH: We Rode LRT-1 from End to End and Here’s What We Think

When In Manila, rode LRT-1 on a regular Wednesday around 9 AM and noticed that its operator, Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) takes customer safety seriously—as prevention is better than cure.

Increased lighting, installed CCTVs, added reminders and warning signs around the stations and trains, and doubled presence of security guards are the current safety improvements amongst the LRT-1 stations.

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We took a few videos and noticed the safety measures implemented by the management and the safety practices done by the public.

Enhanced use of x-ray machines and metal detectors

LRT Story 2 - xray machines

In order to enter LRT-1, there are x-ray machines that you have to pass through.

According to LRMC, their tightened security measures have resulted to an increase in number of confiscated items, a proof that the system they have placed is effective.

LRT Story 2 - xray machines confiscated

Here’s a bit more information about the number of confiscated items in LRT-1 this year:

  • January – 30
  • February – 116
  • March – 111
  • April – 134
  • May – 142
  • June – 488
  • July – 648

With enhanced security measures even as you enter, hopefully these numbers will drop for everyone’s safety. Still, it’s good that these items are taken to avoid any untoward incidents in LRT-1.

Increased presence of security guards took note of the doubled numbers of security guards within the stations, platforms, and trains. It’s good to know that we can quickly approach one when there’s an emergency.

To avoid any safety incident within the station, the guards within the platforms remind the passengers to mind the gap, to stay within the yellow line, and to watch their belongings. And as a cherry on top, they are friendly to the passengers.

If at any time you feel unsafe within LRT-1 premises, passengers may also approach the Station Supervisor assigned in the station.

Plenty of hand rails inside the trains

There are a lot of hand rails you can hold on to inside the trains or when going down the stairs. For your safety, just hold.

Commuters stay behind the yellow line while waiting for the train

This was at the Central Station of LRT-1. It wasn’t very packed when we were there but it’s nice to see that commuters stay behind the yellow lines for safety while waiting for the train.

Commuters wait for their turn to ride the train

When we rode the LRT-1 from end to end, we noticed that even if there was a number of passengers waiting from the train, when the train arrived, there was no pushing when they entered it. It seems that as passengers, we are already disciplined enough to let people come out of the train first before entering the it and to not push our way through but wait for our turn.

This is a good practice because it can help avoid any accidents in the train station.

LRMC also has a few reminders when traveling on LRT-1.

LRT-1 Safety Reminder: Keep hands away from the door edge

LRT-1 Safety Reminder: Please mind the gap

LRT-1 Safety Reminder: Do not go down the tracks

Overall, we had a good experience riding LRT-1. It may not be super rush hour when we rode it but it gave us a good glimpse of how safe it is. Anyway, safety in travel is a job for both the management and the commuters. Let’s also do our part to ensure safety.

What are your train travel safety tips? Share them with us!