Get Travel-Inspired at David Guison’s Pop-Up Store in BGC This Weekend!

AxeBlack is known to have a concept store series around the Metro where they feature different male influencers who embody the Axe persona of being stylish, effortless, understated and refined. Having heard those adjectives of what an Axe man embodies, it really is no surprise why the global fragrance brand handpicked top menswear blogger David Guison to represent the brand in their new weekend pop-up store in Bonifacio Global City.
In line with that decision, Axe launched a specially executed concept pop-up store with David Guison today – and it’s so exclusive, they don’t let more than 50 people in at any one time. (Basically, if there are 50 in the store and more people want to come in, they’ll have to wait until someone leaves the store.)
According to David, “An AxeBlack man is stylish, effortless and understated, who exudes quiet confidence; but he is also adventurous and has a strong desire to explore the world. I have curated 10 special pieces that are essential for the well-traveled AxeBlack man. It’s time to take light and refined to new places. Let my concept store, Aviation Axe, elevate your style and take you to greater heights.”
David shares that the whole store is inspired by his love to travel and includes all of his favorite travel essentials. This is evident in the displays all around the store. The minute you walk in, a wall filled with clocks can be found on the left filled with timezones from different countries all over the world.
Not only is it a cool homage to traveling, but it also proves to be a cool photo wall!
Axe body spray hanging from the ceiling for ‘Aviation Axe’.
Cool caps that scream about understated fashion.
Hoodies perfect for cuddle weather.
Everybody needs a reliable and comfy pair of shoes when traveling. David loves the Pony Top Star ’77!
Of course, a camera is always a must-have to keep those travel memories alive.
I think this was interesting because most of the guys I know always get a haircut before traveling. Gotta look good during your trips, after all, right? David’s barber shop of choice? Felipe and Sons!
These are just some of the products you can find at David’s pop-up store. Obviously, if you want to see the rest, you gotta head over there yourself. And who knows? You might even get to meet David Guison himself and a bunch of other bloggers who will be there to show their support!

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