Gadget Review: Razer Ferox Portable Gaming Speakers

When In Manila you may want to have a look at Razer’s small but ultra powerful speakers – the Razer Ferox. The frame of these speakers are so small that they tend to encourage skeptics to worry about the sound quality. Now, having used and abused these speakers for two weeks, I could assure every When In Manila reader that this speaker system will definitely give you your money’s worth and more.


Tech Specs

Frequency Response: 150Hz-20KHz
Drivers: 30mm neodymium magnets
Battery voltage/capacity: 470mAh
Loudspeaker Output: 2 x 3W
Approximate size: 70 mm (length) x 70mm (width) x 53 – 64 mm (height)





At first glance the Razer Ferox definitely catches your attention with its different shades of black. Its main body is covered with matte finished black coating while the top and bottom of the chamber is chrome black. A led ring at the bottom glows when device is active. You could activate the device by pressing the top of the sound chamber, doing it again deactivates the device.

Initial Thoughts


During my unboxing, I was a bit concerned about how these speakers will fare against higher volumes. Much to my surprise, the sound quality remained superb even after pushing it to maximum volume. The peak volume of the Ferox is absolutely astonishing! Why?…  because even at that volume it still gave clear and crisp sounds. With that being said, I was satisfied how it amplified the sounds from my laptop and other electronic devices that I tested speakers with.



Battery life, is as Razer claims it to be, lasting me up 12-14 hours of music playback and gaming. Once you get the device to around 10 percent of its battery life, the usually blue led ring will turn red to warn you of low battery levels. Ferox charges itself through USB which is very convenient especially if you have an external power pack like Milli.


Speaking of convenience, when you buy the Razer Ferox you also get a nifty traveling case which is absolutely brilliant! You get to easily bring it along wherever you go, talk about a walking sound system!  The traveling case has separate compartments for the wire and for the two speakers. Oh and did I mention that case is also waterproof? Now you don’t have to worry about it getting wet when you bring it along during a rainy day. I am greatly impressed with how Razer thinks about its customers when they include travelling cases with their portable products such as the Razer Orochi.


While the volume on the device is overwhelming, it seems to lack the bass to make it more awesome. I also have this minor concern that wire seems to be too short thus making it difficult/ugly to set it up on laptop models where they have their headphone jack up front, plus the cord is proprietary so you must take special care of it.



Apart from minor concerns the Razer Ferox is an extraordinary speaker set. The sounds it emits although lacking in bass is of great quality and amplifies sounds from laptops or other portable media players exponentially. The portability and power of the Ferox shined during our company team building where it went on toe-to-toe with other portable speakers and docks. Compared to other speakers the Ferox has a lighter footprint and as I asked the owners of the prices, some of them costs around 30 percent more and yet they were blown away by the volume and power of the Razer Ferox.


These speakers are really awesome and I would HIGHLY recommend these to people who travel a lot and want to have a boost in volume. The sound quality is really great but the real highlight of this product is more on it’s portability. It’s easy to bring along anywhere and would last long enough for a day long trip. For those of you who want quality sounds but don’t want to blast off with these speakers, I would recommend you get a quality headphone such as the Razer Tiamat.




Gadget Review: Razer Ferox Portable Gaming Speakers

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