Unboxing Razer Ferox Portable Gaming Speakers

razer ferox unboxing 01


When In Manila takes interest on portable devices because we understand that life in Manila is pretty much on the go. We spoke with our good friends from Razer™ asked if we could get hold of their famous portable gaming speakers the Razer Ferox. Great thing they have them on stock, so they agreed to let us review these tiny but mighty speakers for When In Manila readers. Here are pictures of me unboxing these small beasts. The speakers were very small, so small I could actually fit them inside my pockets. I definitely find switching the Ferox on and off very cool, more on that on my upcoming review.


I will be playing with the Ferox a bit more, so watch out for my  full review on this next week!






Unboxing Razer Ferox Portable Gaming Speakers