Gadget Review: Razer Orochi Chrome Black Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse

When In Manila gets a hands on the Razer Orochi Chrome Black Edition wireless gaming mouse. It has been over a week since I unboxed this mouse and now after a week of hands on use of the Orochi, I am excited to share my experiences with When In Manila readers the awesomeness of this device.



The Razer Orochi has an ambidextrous design and has a total of 7 clickable parts, both sides are completely identical to each other down to the button placement. On the center lies the scroll wheel, it has a blue led light that doubles as a battery indicator aside from display purposes. Finger rests are grooved to help keep the Orochi comfortable for long periods of usage. The overall structure of the Orochi makes it suitable with different gaming grips, keeping all fingers rested in position no matter the type of grip the gamer is accustomed. The Chrome Black edition has a sleeker look than the normal Orochi because of the glossy look. It also makes the design look more modern and attractive.





Razer definitely thought of everything when they added the pouch with the Orochi. The pouch has a divider in it thus giving you space for the cord plus it prevents scratches on your beloved Orochi.


I brought the Orochi with me to work the entire week, the pouch fits perfectly on the corner of my bag. It is very compact and the pouch makes sure that the wire inside would not tangle with other stuff in my bag. I even thought of bringing the mouse everyday to work even after the review which I would. You could say it is convenient as well as handy in most cases that bringing it along will never be a bother.



The Razer Orochi works best when wired, giving up to 4000dpi along with 1000hz of Ultrapolling while on wireless mode it can provide up to 2000dpi and 125hz of polling. Having these specs help improve user experience with programs that require very accurate mouse movements such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. Using this mouse for work feels like a dream, I mean it definitely helps lower discomfort of using the mouse all day plus productivity is higher because I could do more with less hand movements.

For the sake of testing the product I was forced to play a popular online FPS game Special Forces. Frags were easy to get by with this mouse and I especially love being to quickly turn without lifting the mouse. Another FPS I tried was Counter Strike Source, the reason for doing so was to try out how much better I will play the sniper rifle with the Orochi. Those who played with me before knows how sucky I am with the sniper but apparently better gear gives you better results, thus allowing me to rack up an awesome 30+ kills using only sniper rifle, there was the use of the secondary every now and then but mostly I used the sniper to kill.



This is what elevates Razer mice to god items for gaming. You could assign macros or keys to every button of your Orochi depending on the active program. Placing macro buffs so you don’t need to press all of those damn keys everytime when playing WoW. On FPS games, switching weapons could easily be done by a thumb press so you could focus on character movement with your left hand.

Plus, thanks to Razer Synapse On-board memory, these settings could be brought with you anywhere. The Synapse saves all of the configurations done to the mouse on your computer so that when you plug that on another you unit it still retains all your settings without the need to download drivers on the computer.




You have to love everything about the Orochi, the size, the design plus the performance. The only problem that I could think about right now is the price, especially for those people with Macs who would rather buy the Magic mouse for the same price range. The Orochi is supreme for travels plus it offers you that extra dpi for hardcore gaming and graphic design. Overall I would recommend it to those who would love to have an awesome mouse for their gaming laptop, especially those people eyeing for an ASUS-G74SX in their future.



Gadget Review: Razer Orochi Chrome Black Edition

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