Gadget Portal Manila: A Traveler’s Go-To Shop for Gadget Essentials

Finally, an online gadget shop for travel essentials!

Are you looking for a shop that offers the best gadget equipment for traveling? You’re in for a treat with Gadget Portal Manila! Gadget Portal Manila is an online shop on Instagram that sells quality and affordable gadgets and accessories that are perfect for trips and vacations. From affordable action cameras, chargers, audio devices, they’ve got everything you need!

Here are some of our favorite items from their shop:

Xiao Mi Yi Action Camera

Of course, a good photo and video documentation is a complete essential when traveling. That’s why a good camera is your best friend during your trips. Xiao Mi Yi Action Camera is one of the leading brands in the market because it offers topnotch quality without the great price! For only P4,200 you can get yourself this awesome action camera from Gadget Portal Manila.


Technical specifications of the Xiao Mi Yi action camera includes:

Dimensions: 60.4mm x 42mm x 21.2mm (2.4 x 1.7 x 0.83 in)
Net weight: 72g (2.54 oz)
Resolution: 16 megapixels, 4608 x 3456 px maximum
Video: 1080 p at 60 fps/48fps/30 fps/24 fps
960 p at 60 fps/48 fps
720p at 120 fps/60fps/48 fps
480p at 240fps
Battery: Removable 1010mAh lithium-ion battery
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0

They also offer different packages of accessories with the Xiao Mi Yi such as waterproof case, monopod, floater, silicon case, and a lot more. If you want to get the Xiao Mi Yi, Gadget Portal Manila is surely your top choice.

Here are some sample shots using the Xiao Mi Yi action camera:




Remax Bluetooth Speakers

Nothing beats listening to good music during camping, or chilling at the beach. Make the music experience even better by sharing your travel playlist with your trip buddies. The Remax Bluetooth Speakers from Gadget Portal Manila is definitely your best bet for a travel speaker. You can play tunes continuously up to 4 hours when charged fully. It also comes with a silicon lanyard so you can hang it around your neck conveniently. Handy and durable, this baby will surely pump up your trip!


Remax Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Now, if you prefer enjoying some good music alone, that’s cool too! Everyone enjoys some solitary time with a nice playlist every once in a while. For those moments, let the Remax Bluetooth Sports Headphones be your company! It’s very convenient since you no longer have to suffer from tangled cables. You’d also be astounded by the high quality sound of these headphones. They’re so good, you would hate to take them off! It also comes with different silicon buds and a small pouch for convenient storage. These headphones are best during trekking or during those long bus rides.


Remax Fast Charger and Cables

Let’s admit it. No one loves waiting. So say goodbye to low batteries and awfully long charging time. Gadget Portal Manila can cover your battery charging issues with their fast charging cables and port. They have it both for iPhones and Android phones. The Remax fast charger also has 2 ports so you can fuel up 2 gadgets at a time! Super convenient and ideal for multiple gadgets. With these fast charger and cables, you can spend less time charging your batteries and more time having fun!


Follow Gadget Portal Manila (@gadget.portal.manila) on Instagram for frequent updates and photos of their offered items. They have incredible customer service you’ll surely enjoy. Get the best quality gadgets and accessories, and enjoy traveling even more!


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