Signs You and Your Best Friend are MILLENNIAL BFFS

Set aside family, lovers, and friends…BFFS are the best! I’m sure you feel the same way if you do have one. Friendships have evolved now that we have different kinds of technology and, of course, social media. So here are ways to know you and your best friend are MILLENIAL BFFS:

You Know You’re Millennial BFFs When…

  • You both respond to each other in never ending emojis and a lot of kiss faces. How about voice messages too? Yup all that’s there! You both express yourselves as if you’re right in front of each other through digital love. You both overuse your usual emojis…so you’re always on the look for more free emoticons to add fun to your endless conversations.


  • You “LIKE” each other’s photos to let you both feel you’re updating each other right in silence!
  • You comment on Instagram with the term BFF or “bes” 99% of the time.
  • She contributes to the number of LIKES you have on your photo especially when your post is not doing so well. She will make sure her like counts! One is better than none. =) Thank you bff! Now I have 2 likes. lol.
  • You may be super busy due to schedules, but when you see each other again…it’s like you’ve never been apart at all.

  • You both have the same energy, in achieving dreams, goals, and even wishes. You can say  ridiculous and too ambitious things and she will be right there cheering you on. Of course she wants a successful bestie! Your success is her success. She will only want the best for you.

  • You remember each other’s outfits and remind each other of  NO REPEATS unless they were “successful outfits.” Tops and bottoms can’t be matched the same way again, nor dresses can be worn again. But of course there is an exception! For example, you got a certain project while wearing a certain outfit. Or you met Mr. Right with that red top. Your bff will always remember your good luck and encourage you to outfit repeat if it means things will give you good results.

  • You both take each other’s  photos for your Instagram and make sure you get the best filters. You know each other’s angles and where you guys should pose when you’re doing a bestie selfie. It’s all about collaboration for the two of you…
  • You have the same apps! You most likely share the news thing to download. Especially for editing photos.


And of course don’t forget the CREDITS. Posting it means you both appreciate each other’s efforts. #BestiePride


  • You get each other’s motives in everything and you’ll never get judged. You’ll get laughed at but not judged because your wavelengths are just the same.
  • You both always try to find ways to earn and end up doing a common or same thing. It’s really all about letting ideas happen and both of you get energy from each other. You may even have a business together!


  • You shop at the same online sites  like The cute thing is you even know what your BFF will like so before she sees it you’ve already linked it to her FB account. See…such a thoughtful bestie.

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  •  You share app rides with no problem and you take turns on who’s paying. It’s an understood thing already that if you paid earlier…she’ll pay next. 

BTW having a BFF nowadays isn’t how it was like before. Now you can have 5 besties and that’s fine. It’s probably because communicating now is way easier with internet and we don’t need to be physically in front of a person to get close. Also each bestie probably fills in a certain part of your life: school life, work life, fun life, gimmick life and so on.

To all the MILLENIAL BFFs, keep the friendship alive! In a world full of strangers, keep in mind you’ll always have someone you’ll call home.

If you have a bestie do tag them here! And if you have something to add to the list do COMMENT them below!