Funky Quarters: Come For The Beach, Stay For The Funk

Surftown’s growing community of business establishments has recently welcomed a new neighbor in the form of boutique hotel Funky Quarters and its rooftop offering, Hyde’s Bar & Kitchen.

FQ2019 Photos 4Photo by Funky Quarters

The thematic space revolves around the persona of ‘Hyde’, who showcases his taste, personality, and trinkets throughout the 12-bed accommodation and its common areas. Offering luxury bunk-style quarters as well as a decked out private room is the brand’s attempt to cater to a more premium market. Heavily influenced by the design elements of steampunk, Funky Quarters is truly the first of its kind in La Union.

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For owners Jeff Ortega, Jek Uy, and John Uy, it’s really all about the details. Each bunk was designed to be the most on-point combination of hotel-standard pillows, duvet, and memory foam beds most people have a hard time getting up from. Guests have individual built-in desks, lamps, and sockets within arm’s reach. Toilets and shower rooms are also quite the experience; featuring Aesop bath products, rainfall showerheads, and Japanese bidet toilets.

FQ2019 Photos 6Photo by Funky Quarters

Guests looking for a more exclusive hideaway may find Hyde’s Room more up their street. It’s a furnished private room with extra special amenities, including its own toilet & shower. No one can tell you who Hyde really is, but maybe a night’s stay in his room can.

FQ2019 Photos 191Photo by Funky Quarters

Everyone checked in at Funky Quarters has exclusive access to its common areas: The Glassroom, The Lounge and of course, common access to Hyde’s right above. Sit in silence, get some work done, or simply gather. All three are designed for the modern traveler, where leisure can thrive and the grind can stay alive.

Guest safety is also a part of the experience. Upon checking in, everyone is given an RFID wristband to access the boutique hotel, managed by 24-hour front desk assistance. Also on 24/7 Air conditioning and WiFi.

FQ2019 Photos 51Photo by Funky Quarters

A short flight of stairs leads to Hyde’s Bar & Kitchen, where guests can claim their welcome cocktail and complimentary breakfast. The bar offerings are curated by renowned bar mixologist Kalel Demetrio (Agimat Foraging Bar & Kitchen, Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli, etc). and for the kitchen, Chef J Benigno crafted a refined selection of dishes that you wouldn’t usually find in Surftown, ranging from crepes to bar chow to mains.

They say surf is the #1 thing you can’t miss in La Union. This is probably #2.

The Funky Quarters Experience + Bar consumables (whole place for 12 pax) – Php 40,000.00 per night
Hyde’s Room (for 2 pax) – Php 4,500.00 per night
Quarter 1 (for 4 pax) – Php 7,500.00 per night
Quarter 2 (for 6 pax) – Php 10,500.00 per night
Weekday Bunker – Php 1,850.00 per night (Monday-Thursday bookings)

Funky Quarters

Funky Quarters Bldg., Mac Arthur Highway, Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union