FULL STORY: The Ramen ‘Stories’ of Ellen Adarna

While the heat outside is enough to make us sweat in seconds, better take a hold of your tea – things are about to get hotter.

Last week, a 17-year-old named Eleila Santos shared on her Twitter account how she spent an afternoon in a ramen place in Makati with a friend, eventually turning it into a thread as the social media website only limits one post to 240 characters.

She first shared two screenshots of public figure Ellen Adarna‘s Instagram stories where the latter snapped photos of the 17-year-old and her friend.

Adarna seemed to be offended with Santos since she implied in her caption that she was uncomfortable being taken photos of without her consent. Santos, on the other hand, said that she and her friend “didn’t notice her or even know it was her” as she just wanted to “Story our food”.

On a new Tweet, Santos remarked that the ramen was good, with a video she uploaded on her Instagram story. The video showed the ramen in front of the two with Adarna (and what seemed to look like rumored boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz beside her) in the far background. She also added that “It’s just wrong to assume things”, and she and her friend were victimized by “#PAPArazzimoves”, the hashtag reference to Adarna’s Instagram story post.

On separate Tweets, Santos began explaining her side. She claims that she had no clue Adarna was there and “doesn’t know who she is, and whatever running issue is going on with her life”.

She also tried to seek the issue in an artist’s point-of-view that it should be treated and solved “professionally”.

She ends the thread that if she was at fault, she would have admitted it but she had no idea that Adarna was a part of her captured Instagram story. Or if Adarna really had an issue with her, she could have confronted her right and there at the restaurant.

Appalled, Adarna took it once again to her Instagram stories her reaction towards Santos’ Twitter thread. Since Instagram stories only last on the user’s account for 24 hours, a netizen was able to record and compile the series of videos uploaded by Adarna.

“Your reaction in the video that I took explains it all. Like, you looked so guilty, you didn’t even know what to do if you should pick up your chopsticks. You looked so conscious because you panicked, because I was doing what you were doing. Girl, you can deny all you want but before your food arrived, you guys knew what you were doing. But whatever, feeling na kung feeling pero ‘di kami tanga.” (We’re not fools.)

Adarna name-dropped the owner of the restaurant (who’s also her neighbor in hopes that he could provide CCTV footage of what happened.

Santos has not spoken about Adarna’s fireback towards her Tweets. Instead, the former’s mother spoke on her behalf by publishing an open letter on her Facebook account addressed to Adarna, defending her daughter. She states that she was willing to “take legal actions necessary” should the 30-year-old public figure not respond to her.

As of writing, Adarna has not responded nor any of the Santos ladies have further spoken regarding the issue.

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