Fryday Bites PH: Delicious Fried Snacks You’ll Keep Craving For

Looking for fried snacks you can munch on as you binge-watch on shows or movies, or just as a snack any time of the day? If you love churros and onion rings, then Fryday Bites PH has got you covered!

Fryday Bites Churros and Onion Rings

Photo from Fryday Bites

Fryday Bites PH was founded by Alyana Joy Austria and Jaji Pañares, who both worked in different restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Rather than applying for work in their fields during the pandemic and despite their doubts, they decided to start their own business instead.

With their desire to start a business and with absolute faith in it, they bought what they needed to start it little by little. They admit that it was hard at first, having to post on a lot of selling groups online; but their faith kept them going. Fortunately, with help of family and friends, Fryday Bites’ sales started to boost and is still in business up to this day.

Fryday Bites Onion Rings

Photo from Fryday Bites

Fryday Bites’ onion rings are absolutely delicious and are made just the way my family likes them: without too much breading and with a delicious dip to boot! Make sure to eat them right away while they’re still crispy, crunchy, and fresh!

Fryday Bites Churros

Photo from Fryday Bites

If in case you’d like to receive the products uncooked; they offer that option with a lower price but with a minimum number of orders, as well.

All of Fryday Bites’ products are made from scratch with the best ingredients and cooked fresh upon order. They are located in Las Piñas, but also deliver to nearby areas, including Muntinlupa, Taguig, and Cavite.

Fryday Bites PH


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