Fred’s Serviced Apartments for the Perfect Baguio Staycation

They also have outdoor grilling equipment that the guests can use. Some beer and barbecue is ALWAYS a great way to bond with your family and friends.



What I like most about the place is that despite the undeniably modern architecture, it still celebrates local Baguio artists by putting up a gallery of artwork along the reception area. Some of the exhibited artists include Fredi Agunoy, Emel Espiritu, Anjung Cagawan, Joey Simsim, Dexter Simsim, and Roland Bay-an.



Artwork from local artists are also installed against the interior walls of the apartment units. Artist Emel Espiritu can also do personal portrait paintings for guests upon request.


The artwork shown below was made by the artist and owner of the apartments, Fredi Agunoy, featuring some of the tools and equipment which were used and broken during the construction of the apartment building. The artwork also showed handprints of the workers who built the place. Very meaningful and creative, don’t you think?


Fred’s Serviced Apartments is surely a great place to stay if you’re looking for a cozy and cold staycation in Baguio. The best part is that they have really affordable rates! Apartment rates start at only Php6,000 for a 4-bedroom suite. So whether you’re planning a barkada or family trip, Fred’s Serviced Apartments is clearly the best choice! Make your reservations now!

Fred’s Serviced Apartments

#8 Greenwater, Baguio City

0917 856 4400


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