Four Eyes Eyewear – See Better and Feel Better for Various Reasons!


Four Eyes Eyewear – See Better and Feel Better for Various Reasons!

When in Manila and blind as a bat (like I am), it can be hard to find a fashionable and affordable means to see better without resorting to expensive optical stores in the mall or turning to international brands that ship their products to the Philippines. The problem with both of these options is that they can get far too pricey. Plus, you won’t be able to try on the latter and make sure you get the right prescription or the right style for your face. This is why I thank God for Four Eyes!

Four Eyes Glasses

What is Four Eyes?

Four Eyes is an online shop in the Philippines that allows you to buy eyeglasses and frames online with ease and speed, and from the comforts of your own home to boot. A first of its kind in Asia, Four Eyes even provides buyers with a home try-on option, so you can choose 3 eye frames to try on for 5 days, ask people for their opinion during that time, decide on what you want, and send them back for fitting. Did I mention that the shipping for all of this is free of charge? Amazeballs!

I personally tried on 3 different frames – 2 from their optical collection and 1 from their vintage collection. Check ’em out!

Four Eyes Glasses

“Valet Parking”

Photo by Zia Dadis.

What drew me to this particular pair of eyeglasses is the kooky roadmap design on it. While you can’t actually see the design when worn, it’s a cool lil twist to regular-looking eyeglasses overall.

Four Eyes Glasses


For something more ‘serious’, I opted to try out the “Redwood” pair.

Four Eyes Glasses 

While being fashionable is one of my priorities in life, I always make it a point to be prepared for anything, as well. This pair of glasses is the perfect pair to wear when I’m out with my family or going to a meeting, thanks to its simple frame and bold color.

Four Eyes Glasses


Now, if you’re more of a vintage frame lover like I admittedly am, then you will definitely fall in love with the different vintage options at Four Eyes when it comes to this – definitely the best collection for true blue fashionistas!

Four Eyes Glasses

So, which one did I get? All of them, of course! :p During my trial period, I came to find that Four Eyes isn’t just affordable, but they also provide top quality frames. They don’t feel loose even after being worn day in and day out for days in a row. Plus, they fulfil my fashionista dream of making eyeglass-wearing look fashionable. So, even if you don’t need prescription glasses, but just want to own a stylish pair that will make you look classy and in vogue, Four Eyes will have a pair for you.

The best part is that, like TOMS, Four Eyes has a CSR campaign ongoing called “A Pair for a Pair”, where they will donate a pair of eyewear to someone in need for every pair of eyewear purchased on their website. How about that? You won’t just get to shop for great eyewear, but you will also get to help people in need while you’re at it!

Now, if you are interested in owning your very own pair of Four Eyes eyewear When in Manila, then you’re in luck coz we’re giving away a pair right now! 😀 Just fill in this form, leave a comment on this post and you could get the chance to win your dream pair of Four Eyes eyewear 🙂 Good luck!

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Four Eyes Eyewear – See Better and Feel Better for Various Reasons!