For Hair Coloring Done Exactly How You Want It, Head to Vivere Salon

I was unabashedly blonde the last year. Yes, even as a morena. I had always wanted to try an outrageous hair color; something that forced me out of my shell.

And so, one day, I just did it. I had my hair colored blonde. And I was ecstatic.

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Design Studio Salon Makati Asian Black Hair to Blonde

But the entire year I had that color, I never got to maintain it. I never went back to the salon for retouches. And so as time would have it, almost a year later, my beautiful blonde faded and I had a harsh regrowth line crossing from ear to ear that I really disliked.

It was time for another trip to the salon.

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 Nicole Villaluz

I have always been picky with salons. I am really attached to my hair (I cried for days after I once had my long mermaid hair cut offnever again!) and so I don’t mind spending on haircuts, treatments, and whatever hair procedures. And I only go to trusted names in the salon business.

One of my personal favorites is Vivere Salon. I was even at their store opening in Trinoma last year: Up Close and Personal with Vivere Salon Trinoma’s Styles of Summer

And how can you not trust Vivere Salon when the training and education of their stylists are attained through the Vidal Sassoon Academy? The world’s leading brand on hair? And so when I needed another hair coloring, I knew it was time to head back to Vivere.

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 Nicole Villaluz

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 Nicole Villaluz

For those of you around Makati, good news as Vivere Salon just opened a branch in Glorietta 2 last September. That is where I went for my much-needed recoloring and haircut.

Needless to say, I was absolutely impressed with the service. My stylist simply asked me what hair color I wanted, and I told him I wanted to get rid of the blonde. I wanted to go darker now. “Black but a greyish black,” I said. I didn’t even know if that was plausible, to be honest. But in my head it made sense, and so that’s what I said. Alben, my stylist, nodded his head. He showed me a color chart, agreed on the shade, and thus the procedure began.

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 Nicole VillaluzPre-hair coloring. See my harsh regrowth lines? :/

It took me about a total of four hours at the salon, including the hair cut, a hair treatment, and a quick eyebrow threading. But I was absolutely satisfied with the outcome. They weren’t even totally finished blowdrying my hair yet, but I was already smiling ear and ear and squealing to Alben how much I love it. He nailed what I wanted. A greyish black. I told you my description made sense! Alben just smiled proudly at the product of his work while stroking my hair.

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 Nicole Villaluz

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 Nicole Villaluz

It is worth noting though that my previous hair condition was a challenge. I was blonde. At least half of my hair was, as it had already grown and a big portion on top had my natural black hair showing. So the upper half was jet black, and the lower half with the faded blonde was light and bleached. That posed a big challenge to get them on an equal shade in the process of achieving the new hair color I wanted. But as you can tell, my stylist at Vivere Salon was able to work around that. Piece of cake.

Also, because of excessive sun exposure (I am a frequent beach bum, like many of you), my hair has become so dry. The treatment done on me at Vivere Salon left my hair soft, smooth, and silky for days after. Just imagine what this could do for your hair if you have this done regularly.

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 Nicole Villaluz

If you need any more proof of how awesome the Vivere team is, here are some photos of When In Manila Sky ( with her super hit “Storm” hair our readers seem to absolutely love, also proudly done by Vivere Salon.

Vivere Salon Glorietta 2

Try Vivere Salon out yourself and tell us about your experience. Visit them at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City.

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